Anti Pollution Masks for Cycling

Evidence suggests that cyclists are likely to breathe in more pollution than any other road user. I’ve never really fancied the idea of wearing an anti pollution mask, even when commuting into town. The pollution is generally not too bad in Oxford. Although, if I get stuck behind several buses I can understand the attraction.

techno mask

Benefits of Anti Pollution Masks

Speaking to a few London commuters, it seems anti pollution masks can make a significant difference to filtering the worst of the fumes. Admittedly, there is an inconvenience of covering your mouth and nose (to say nothing of the difficulty in blowing your nose). However, users generally say the improved air quality makes the slight discomfort worth it.

Respro Techno Anti Pollution Mask

  • Respro Gold anti pollution mask at Wiggle. The masks come with the following features
  • Supplied with replaceable filters and exhalation valves to keep the inside of the mask well ventilated. Comes with a choice of filter:
    • City filter for City environments
    • Sportsta filter for agricultural areas to protect against chemical sprays
    • Techno includes both types of filter for the most complete protection.

Respro Bandit Scarf Anti Pollution Scarf

The Respro Bandit scarf offers less protection than the techno filter, but, is a bit more breathable. The manufacturers suggest it offers the following benefits:

  • Filters out: Diesel Smoke, Exhaust Fumes, Pollen
  • Features: Self adjusting, Activated charcoal filter, 100% cotton, Washable filter, One size

The scarf lasts for 6 months and is easy to wash and maintain it will fit all adults and is easy to wear


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