Chris Boardman Biography

Chris Boardman was born August 26 1968 in Holyake, UK.

Chris was one of the world’s top time triallists, winner the prologue of the Tour de France, Olympic Gold in the 4,000Km pursuit; he also broke the world hour record on 3 occasions.

Chris was renowned for his meticulous preparation. He was an early advocate of using all possible scientific methods to improve performance. These included heart rate monitors, wind tunnels, power metres and carefully calibrated interval training.

In training for the world hour record, he used an oxygen tent in his house to help his preparations.

He is married with 6 children and retired from professional cycling due, in part, to a form of osteoperosis which made his bones susceptible to excessive pressure. He now works as a commentator for ITV. He also advises the British track cycling squad.

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