Best Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes seek to offer the best combination of the mountain bike and a road bike at an affordable price. Hybrid bikes are great for: Commuting relatively short distances and getting round town. Light touring e.g. for the non serious cycle tourer, but who wants to enjoy cycling for a small amount Cycling on canal […]

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Best Wireless Cycle Computers

Wireless cycle computers have a distinct advantage of the wired variety. Wires can scrap away at the paint on the bike. Wires can make it awkward if you need to make adjustments to handlebars e.t.c They are more prone to breaking. Extra wires can add small aerodynamic drag to bike. Earlier wireless models used to […]

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enigma echo

Enigma Titanium Bikes

Enigma bikes (reborn from the old Omega brand). Essentially, the bike company specialises in producing bikes with steel and titanium frames. It is a British firm specialising in hand built cycles using steel and titanium  tubing. All bikes are handbuilt at a workshop in England. Titanium has a small, but enthusiastic following amongst cycle users. […]

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Ridgeback Rapide Meteor

The Ridgeback Rapide Meteor is part of Ridgeback’s popular Hybrid / Commuting Rapide series. For commuting this kind of bike is the best all rounder. It offers practicality, good value and reliability. Ridgeback’s Rapide range is a competitive option for a very competitive market. The Meteor is in the sub £400 range and comes equipped […]

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boardman air tt 9.4

Chris Boardman Air TT 9.4

The Air time trial frame includes the following features: Wind tunnel tested to gain maximum benefit from aerodynamics. Boardman bikes say it has undergone Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) In words of Chris Boardman: “FEA, CFD, Pro Team testing and 20 years of experience have all been distilled in this totally performance-focused product. There isn’t a […]

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Specialized Shiv TT Review

Specialized Shiv  Time trial bike. Used by Tony Martin in winning World Time Trial Championship 2011. The 2012 model has been redesigned to fully comply with UCI regulations. This involves Saddle must be 5cm behind the bottom bracket Aero seat tube complies to 3:1 aspect Wings on downtube have been removed compared to earlier models. […]

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Orbana Energy Drink

I was sent some free samples for Orbana energy drink through the post and have been testing last week during training and at the weekend during a 25 mile time trial. Firstly, it is the only product Orbana has. The energy powder is based upon Maltodextrin 61% Fructose 24% Dextrose 6% Amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and […]

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Lightest Road Bike Wheels

An evaluation of the lightest wheels available for a road bike. As a hill climb specialist saving weight is crucial, for several years I’ve been using my Zipp 404′s which are excellent all round wheels, they are also quite light, yet aerodynamic. However, they are not best choice for some of steepest hills. See: Zipp […]

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Best Commuting Bike under £500

For £500, you can get a pretty decent commuting bike. Personally, I wouldn’t be keen to spend much more than £500 for a commuting bike. If you lock the bike up in town, there is an increased chance of theft, so with just a £500 you get more peace of mind than you would if […]

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Time Trial Bikes

My own Trek Equinox SSL 9.9 When Choosing a time trial bike, the key criteria is the aerodynamics. It is wind resistance that makes the biggest difference in a time trial bike. Losing weight is good, but, especially for flat time trials, weight is much less important than aerodynamics. Therefore a beginner to time trials […]

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