Best Turbo Trainers

Turbo trainers and rollers allow you to train whatever the weather. They are also great for warming up for a race. A few quick advantages of turbo trainers

  • Safe – protected from cars
  • Allow you to do interval sessions uninterrupted by traffic lights e.t.c.
  • Make it easier to measure performance (you can isolate more factors like wind)

What to Look for in a Turbo Trainer

  • Matches your existing road bike set up and feel
  • Relatively quiet
  • Easy to assemble, carry to race and put bike in.
  • Reliable
  • Variable resistance settings so you can train for high cadence / low cadence.

Some of the Best Turbo Trainers

Lemond Revolution Turbo Trainer

  • This is most innovative turbo trainer since it was invented. Rather than putting wheel on a roller, you simply remove your back wheel and put your chain onto a cassette which is hooked up to a turbo resistance and lock in rear dropouts. This enables you to replicate the feel of riding a road bike exactly.
  • There is a progressive resistance, the faster you pedal the more resistance comes so there is a natural change, not the jerky feel you get with many turbos
  • The frame is very stable and so is best turbo for sprinting and out of the saddle work – useful for warm ups.
  • Fits all road bikes, though you need an adapter for Campagnolo.
  • Is heavy and bulkier at 32lbs (14KGs) – it doesn’t fold up so small as other turbos
  • It is quiet expensive, unless you use it a lot.
  • It is noisier than other turbos. There are several places (e.g. early morning warm ups) where you couldn’t use this.
  • You can’t use your hub based power meter or speedometer. (You can buy their power meter computer)
I wouldn’t buy this, because I want a very easy turbo to carry around. This would suit someone who spends a lot of time on their turbo and want to replicate the feel of riding a road bike. It would also be if you keep your turbo in one place where there is no worries over noise. It’s also not cheap, so again would be really for the turbo enthusiast.

Elite Chrono Fluid Turbo Trainer

elite chrono
  • It is very quiet, this is probably one of quietest turbos you can find.
  • It has a helped a 45mm flywheel roller which helps make it quiet and smooth.
  • Gives a very good riding feel.
  • 5 different levels of resistance.
  • It comes pre-assembled and is easy to carry.
  • There are different models of the Elite Chrono. This Elite Chrono Fluid is most expensive. But, cheaper versions such as the Elite Chrono Mag are still very quiet.

Tacx Satori

taxc satori
  • Looks good
  • Can vary resistance with adapter on front handlebars.
  • Relatively quiet though not as quiet as the Elite Chrono
  • Taxc Satori High Power at Wiggle (currently £175.99)

Cycle Ops Rollers


Rollers offer a slightly different experience to a turbo, you don’t have to make any modifications, just get on bike (and with a little help to retain balance as you get going) start pedalling. These aluminium Cycle Ops Rollers are is £175.

  • Rollers help improve bike handling
  • Give more realistic feel
  • Are relatively quiet


  • bigger and heavier to carry around
  • Can be difficult to get started and stop – you may need something to give balance
  • At low speed and low cadence harder to maintain balance – not great for low rev power training sessions.
  • Cycle Ops Rollers at Wiggle

Cheapest Turbo Trainers

Elite Volare


You don’t have to spend over £100 on a turbo. A basic turbo can do the job for less than £100

This Elite Volare is a basic aluminium frame with mag resistance. I’ve used a similar version to this for quite a few years. It suits my needs and does everything I want to. Personally, I’d rather save my money on turbos and spend on lightweight tubulars. But, then I don’t spend all winter training on one.

Elite Volare £89.99 at Evans Cycles


Make sure you know what you want from a turbo

  • Does it need to be quiet? – get a mag flywheel like Elite Chrono
  • Does it need to be portable – Elite Volare basic aluminium
  • Do you need to spend a lot of money? – not necessarily you can get one for less than £100
  • Variable resistance is definitely helpful


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  1. Geoff April 4, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    I viewed a number of turbos before I spotted the one that I bought. I never see any comment on this although I do know that it is no longer produced:
    It is the Cateye CS-1000 Cyclosimulator with turbo fan it measures and calculates Speed – Distance – Time – % Grade – Work rate – Calorie – Watts all shown via the digital display – the turbo fan and magnetic brake simulate both wing resistance and hill climbing resistance.
    This is a sturdy unit that you are able to do a “full gas” sprint on – why did production cease?

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