Thoughts on the Giro

I enjoyed watching Bradley Wiggins the Tour de France in 2012, but I’m enjoying his more difficult Giro just as much. Maybe because I can empathise with the difficulties of racing downhill and being 4th, when you want to be 1st. It’s not all about winning…

It was great to see Uran go on the attack and hold everyone off.

When the sun shines, some parts of Italy are really spectacular.

Yesterday’s stage was really good. But, unfortunately, the most memorable moment was still seeing a spectator fall down a ravine as the race contenders passed. The funny thing is that in our household there were two people watching. One laughed really loud, the other exclaimed ‘Oh dear’. at pretty much the same time. That made it doubly funny. This is the internet age for us, it has brought slapstick comedy into vogue. It’s the main talking point of a significant Giro stage. It’s an unfortunate thing about cycling racing, the most memorable moments tend to be either crashes or donkeys dressed up in the leaders jersey.

thanks to PJ for video

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