Bell Meteor II Aero Review

Aero helmets can make a significant difference to time trial speed. The Bell Meteor aero helmet is one of the lightest safety aero helmets, weighing only 365 grams. It has been used by many professional cyclists in the tour de France and Olympics. It has been worn by Fabian Cancellara – arguably greatest time triallist of generation. It has been extensively wind tunnel tested to improve aerodynamics.

The inner lining is EPS foam liner with Fusion In-mould construction to give optimal protection.

I’ve used this for over two seasons and am quite happy with its performance.

One major drawbacks is that it is very uncomfortable for anything longer than a 10 mile time trial. It really squashes my ears, as soon as the race is over, I want to take it off as soon as possible.

Also, because it is a tight fit, it has developed a slight crack where I have bent ear flaps over my ear. Maybe it is my fault for not getting bigger helmet, but I fear if it was bigger it would be too big and less aerodynamic.

The aerodynamics of aero helmet depend on

  • your own posture
  • how you wear your helmet.

This is true for any aero helmet, the real secret is to wear the helmet high on your forehead and try and get the tail touching your back. If your tail is pointing up in the air then the aero benefits will be neglible.


Testing aero helmet for best position. The tail here is close to back, but could still be a little closer.

If you go in for wind tunnel testing, you will find that the best helmet varies. You can’t say this bell meteor will be the best for all. However, it does look good and does a reasonable job in providing aero benefits. Just make sure you wear it properly.

British Time Trial Championships 2009

Wearing helmet in British Time Trial championships

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