Mountain Time Trial


Sunday was a 36 mile Time trial organised by Speedwell CC. It wasn’t exactly mountains, but it felt like it, especially last climb up Clee Hill to about 375 meters.

It was hard to know how to pace yourself for a race like this – very different to a flat 25 mile time trial. If anything I kept a bit too much in reserve for last climb – it wasn’t quite as bad as I imagined it.

I did enjoy the race a lot; the road was constantly going up or down and there was hardly any flat to speak of. There was one long lovely descent of several miles into Ludlow before the last leg up Clee Hill.


my time trial bike outside Cleobury Mortimer

  1. Richard Handley  - Team Raleigh 01:29:57
  2. Matt Clinton - 01:33:04
  3. Tejvan Pettinger  - Sri Chimnoy CT 01:33:37
  4. Andrew Tennant  - Motorpoint RT 01:35:37
  5. Rob Weare - Leamington C&AC 01:36:39

Richard Handely looked superfast. It was the first time the course had been ridden in under 1 hour 30 minutes.


Shropshire was nice.

The day before was a 10 mile Time trial on the H10/8 Bentley course. I really wanted to beat the previous weeks 21.00. But, I ended up going 10 seconds slower! It can be hard to beat your own times every week.

I don’t know what position because I left quite early. The results haven’t been posted  yet.

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