Quick release Skewers

Quick release skewers are a great invention to make it easy to change your wheel. These are some of the lightest and best performing skewers .

Not the most glamorous part of a bike, but, if you become fanatical about losing weight on a bike (like me) it’s fun to look at every possible way of reducing weight. Most bikes I just use the standard ordinary skewers, but for my racing and hill climb bike I use some very lightweight spin sticks. For time trials, the ideal would be to not use quick release at all. The standard nuts and bolt provide better aerodynamics. But, for general cycling convenience, quick release skewers are a great development.

Use Spin Sticks

use spin stix

USE spin sticks

If you feel inclined you could spend £40 on some USE spin Sticks, they weigh 55 grams a pair.  (I’ve checked manufacturers claim with weighing scales and they are accurate) Made out of Titanium they are reasonable strong, although some people have mentioned that they are less robust than traditional skewers. However, I have had no problem using on my road bike. I only use in races. In particular, they help to build up my light hill climb  bike. (can’t use with turbo trainer) They are very easy to use and tighten.

Zipp Titanium Quick Release

at 85 grams these quick release skewers are 30grams heavier than the spin sticks, but they offer greater robustness and are more suited to general riding. They are the same price at £40 – Zipp titanium QR

Hope Steel Quick Release

A more standard steel quick release skewer will weigh double at around 110g a pair. These hope skewers cost £12.99. So for £27 you can save yourself 55g. I guess it depends how much you value weight savings. Of course, if you really want to save 55grams, it may be easier just to eat a few less mince pies.

Aerodynamic Skewers for Time Trials.

For a time trial, the weight saving of a quick release skewer is pretty minimal an insignificant. You are probably better off by not using quick release skewers but use standard small bolts. These create less aerodynamic drag than the bigger quick release skewer. In most time trials if you get a puncture, you might as well spend a bit longer putting a new wheel on (unless you have a following car of course)


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