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These days councils are often making a good effort to provide cycle lanes. But, you wish they would sometimes finish the job and make a more integrated cycle network. This is a good example of two cycle routes that, for lack of a bit of effort, have an unsatisfactory connection.

The cycle path runs parallel to the Oxford ring Road. It is a good cycle path for avoiding a very busy road (Apart from the invariable broken glass and rubbish). The cycle path then joins Iffley road, where the council have recently painted a cycle land on. Cars often come off the roundabout at quite a high speed. At the end of the cycle path, you have to take great care joining the road, as it is quite narrow.
To the left of the road is a generous grass verge, which isn’t really used for anything. Looking at this junction I would like to see part of the grass verge converted into a cycle path. There is an opportunity to extend the cycle path. (I guess you might have to move one of the tree or lampost)

If the path was extended, I wonder whether it would encourage cyclists to join the road with less care and not look to the right. At the moment it is inconvenient to join the road, but, it does make cyclists come to a complete stop (and often wait for a long time). If the cycle path merged onto road, I wonder if cyclists would just join without looking and therefore it could potentially be more dangerous? – despite being more convenient.


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  1. Dave Cherling August 11, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    You’ll always find that all the time the road is wide and fairly safe the council will have painted a nice wide cycle lane but the moment the road narrows and gets dangerous for cyclists the lane vanishes and you’re on your own. Bit of a metaphor for life I suppose.

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