Tips for Fitting Tight a Tyre

Recently I bought some of the new Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tyres. They are pretty good and claim to have lower rolling resistance, improved puncture resistance and also have a gauge to recommend when you should replace them.

However, they were a bit difficult to fit and I have a blister on my thumb to prove it.

These are some ideas, which in theory, should help to make it easier to fit a new tyre.

  • Squeeze the opposite side of the tyre. If you squeeze the tyre down towards the rim you make it wider, and it becomes easier to squeeze the tyre on. It is helpful  if you go all around the tyre pushing the tyre closer to the side you wish to fit.
  • Using Palms. After trying for ages with using my thumbs I got it on first time by using my palms to push it on. 
  • Tyre Levers. If you use tyre levers to put on a tyre, you risk creating a puncture by nipping the inner tube between the wheel rim and the tyre. When you blow up the tyre, it can suddenly explode (I can testify it is very loud). If you do have to resort to this method always go round the whole wheel checking to see you can’t see any inner tube between the tyre and wheel rim. This practise of checking is worth doing for any method of putting on a tyre. You shouldn’t need to use tyre levers if you can use the squeeze techique.
  • Wear gloves. You can always try wearing gloves to avoid blisters on your thumbs.


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