Public Space – People, Bicycles and Cars

A couple of interesting blogs about the relative space taken up by people, bicycles and cars.


Firstly, the Cycling embassy of Great Britain has a good post on use of public space in Amsterdam. Look at the photos and weep.

Question: Why does no-one in Amsterdam wear a helmet?

Question: Would you prefer to cycle in US with a helmet or Amsterdam without?


A more typical UK street.


The Munster Classic Shot



See more at Munster’s Waste of Space Photos

 Car Parking Space and Bike Racks

University of Seattle - On Street Bike Parking

A car park space in Seattle

Car-shaped bike rack in the Beta Area (Dublin City Council currently owns two of them)

Car Bike Rack in Dublin. Shame no-ones using it. It can accommodate ten bicycles in the space of one car:

Trailers and Cars


or walk around town like this

Bike Racks and Bike parking

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  1. Doug September 24, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    Events such as Skyrides can, I believe, be very helpful as a bit of ‘people power’ where city centre streets are handed over to cyclists for a day.

    We have been on the London Skyrides for the last 3 years and, as a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed it! Even my wife hired a Boris Bike last year to join in. Understandably the London Skyride didn’t take place this year because of the Olympics – even my children were disappointed.

    It’s this kind of event with the sheer number of cyclists taking part that gives a strong message about the viability of designing transport networks to be more cycle friendly. It makes people sit up and take notice. It makes non-cyclists have a go and I’m sure there must be a good knock-on effect arising from this, surely, there must be……….?

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