A Real Mix of Transport Modes on the Road


At this time of day (9.00am), bicyclists are the most common type of transport. Though cars still take up the the most space. There are quite a few buses sharing the road. Given how many people are on a bus, it’s hard to know whether more people enter the city by bus or by bicycle.

Traffic is a little chaotic at this time of day. You have two lanes of traffic and bicycles, vans and buses weaving in between. The main thing is you hope that traffic is going to follow the 20mph speed limit. It really does make a huge psychologically difference. If you’re going to be passed with a few inches to spare by a van or bus – you really hope it’s going to be at 20 mph not 35 mph. I think the relative low traffic speeds are a key factor in encouraging such a cross range of people to cycle.


You have to get used to double deckers breathing down your neck. It can be a little intimidating, though when you cycle it doesn’t feel as bad as it looks when taking photos!


Cars turning left into streams of cyclists is always a little awkward.

car-turning-left in front of car

Car turning left. In this case the cyclist was very patient, waving the car through. There were more cars than usual because students are returning and it’s freshers week.

one man foot

Traffic jam, guy passes by with one foot.

cyclists waiting

A traffic jam of cyclists behind a traffic jam of cars.


Army cyclist making a good pace.


To wear a coat or not.

A lot of people on the roads.


Grass cutters. They looked like some giant dodgems. I bet these guys were having great fun driving through town. It sounded as though the grass cutters were been driven at their top speed.
Cycling Oxford

Signalling right is an important skill to learn when cycling.

Cycling Oxford

No-one really likes big vehicles on the road. But, refuse collectors are essential.

Cycling on High Street Oxford

A bus sandwich.

Cycling Oxford

Little wheels, but he’s enjoying the cycle.

Cycling In Oxford Red Lights


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  1. Kim (@kim_harding) October 14, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    So this is why Britain have a KSI rate eight time greater that the Netherlands. If there are that many cyclist on major routes, why not give them their own space? This seems like very poor way of sharing a common resource, certainly not the way I have seen things done in places with high cycling rates on the content, surely we can do better than this?

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