Torq Energy Bars

I’ve been testing and using some Torq energy products in past few weeks. Always nice to have some different energy bars to munch through when stacking up the miles. (I spent over £100 on energy bars last week in big order from wiggle. It’s painful to spend so much on energy bars, which aren’t particularly great – well you wouldn’t order them from a restaurant)



Firstly, I used tested some recovery products (mentioned here).  After a few more weeks of using, I particularly like the Torq Recovery Plus product. (essentially whey protein, a bit of carbs, + beta alanine, HMB + sodium phosphate). But, I like it after a hard winter training ride, because you can make it into a hot cocoa ride and it feels quite comforting. I’ve got through a big tub, and will be buying another one. I won’t buy the other recovery products, unless they bring out a cocoa flavour for them.

The energy bars, are very good. Moist and chewy with a very good consistency. I’ve had them a few times, and they provide a nice snack during ride. Not too sweat, but a good consistency something to get your teeth into so to speak. Flavour comes from natural fruits.

Torq energy bars include oats, raisins, maltodextrin, apple, fruit and rice cakes and raspberries (and other things). Looks good combination of maltodextrin and fructose, which is said to offer best carb combination in 2:1 ratio.

The energy gels are a similar combination of maltodextrin fructose in ratio 2:1 – each sachet providing 28 gram of carbohydrate in a 45 gram pack. Also, with usual electrolytes. Not too much else to say apart from taste fine. Contains natural Guarana as well as caffeine so may provide a double pick up! I don’t really use decaffeinated gels as this time of the year, perhaps one before a race.

The powder capsules contain a 48gram serving of energy powder, providing 43 grams of carbohydrate.  This is to be mixed into a 750ml bottle.  The flavours were fine. I also like the capsule idea – always a hassle measuring out correct proportions. Also, useful to take a few when travelling or on long rides. For 100 mile plus rides, you can take one in back pocket and add to water bottle when re-fuelling.

How Much Energy To Take.

  • Torq recommend 2-3 units of energy. 30g rams being one unit one unit = 500grams of liquid. Giving up to 60-90 grams per hour.
  • If the weather is hot, most units will be in liquid energy powder form. If weather is cold, more will be from solid fuel.
  • Useful to bear in mind for long rides, start fuelling on first hour – don’t wait till hungry. This is good rough guide on how much to take.



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