Oakley Radarlock review

I was sent a pair of Oakley Radarlock for review. They retail at a whopping £176.00.  I wouldn’t pay that amount of sunglasses for fear I would lose them. But, I was happy to get a free review copy. I wear glasses pretty much all year. If I go out on a ride, you always regret it later when you invariable get something in your eye.

The best thing about the glasses is having two interchangeable lens – yellow and standard shade. In the past few days, it’s been pretty grey weather (what do you expect it was midsummer a few days ago) so I’ve been wearing the yellow lens quite a bit. It brightens up a dull day, and is much better than making a grey day darker.

It’s fairly easy to switch between lens. The radarlock system is pretty solid, once you’ve clicked in, you don’t have to worry about any movement. It’s better than previous methods of changing lens. I do have a cheaper pair of glasses with lens switch, but you have to bend the lens and it feels a little less secure.

The quality of the shaded lens is good as you would expect from Oakley. There hasn’t been too much sun to test it in the past week, but it gives good light.

Apart from that there’s not too much to say, they sit neatly on the head and look pretty good. The nose piece is comfortable, and you don’t really notice you’re wearing them.


I don’t think Oakley will be using this shot in product promotion, there’s probably a better way to display their product. (like on Mark Cavendish sprinting to a tour stage) I put my bizarre expression down to the fact I’m concentrating on taking a self-portrait.


The shaded glasses look better than yellow lens


I have to admit, I would never want to actually pay £175 for any pair of sunglasses. (if you spend £800 on a new front wheel, you don’t have too much money left over for luxuries….) But, as a present I would be very happy to receive. The Oakley Radarlock are very good quality, – they look good, the interchangeable lens are excellent and the quality of the build is very high. If you look after them they should provide year round eye protection. I couldn’t really find any fault, except the price!

Oakley Radarlock – £176.00




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