Best Lights for Cycling

A good pair of lights are essential for cycling safety. If you are wondering about the desirability of a good set of lights (or even 2nd back up) See this post – How dangerous is cycling at night?

Most powerful set of LED lights

Cateye EL530 And LD600


cateye el530

The front light uses one ultra bright white LED with Cateye’s Opticube lens. Motorists really notice it when your cycling along lanes. This is very bright and has a published total run time of 50 hours maximum. However, in practise, you will find you get more than that. It is completely waterproof. It only uses 2*AA batteries

The rear light – LD600. uses 10 ultra bright LEDS, it includes 6 facing behind and 2 on each side. This gives all round visibility, and will stand out on even the dimest lit roads.

At only  £15, this is excellent value. Again, it really stands out as a very powerful light. You can see it from a long distance (unlike some of the feeble rear lights cyclists use). It has been a very reliable light and withstood many years of use. Easy to fit and use. You can detach when locking bike in town

Smart Polaris II

At the budget end of light sets. These include a powerful white light and 3 LED rear light. Good value for money at £14.99

Metro Starter Light Set

At only £10.99 for a pair. These lights offer great value for money. Basic front and rear LED lights

Magnetic Back Up Lights

These lights require no batteries but use magnetic power from a revolving wheel and magnet. They offer flashing lights for extra visibility. Obviously only to be used as a back up, because they offer intermittent flashing light and do not work when bike is stationary.

  • Magnetic Back up lights – Reelight £23.99

See also: Other cycling safety tips

Clip on Lights

I have a couple of clip on lights for switching between bikes. For example, on long rides  I like to clip on a rear light to the back of my saddle bag. (most saddle bags have a strap to make it easy to clip on. I recommend using a rear light even during day.

I was quite happy with the Knog Rear Light Boomer (see: review of boomer). It is a little different and looks cool, though it is a little more expensive for brightness of light. Also it doesn’t have the longest battery  life like a simple  cateye TL LD 170 (why do Cateye choose the most useless names for lights?)

Small Safety lights.

Strapped to my road bike, I also have a couple of very small compact LED Lights. It’s just a single LED, but is better than nothing, the advantage is that it takes up no space so you don’t have to worry about leaving on. Definitely not the main light, but could be a back up for an unexpectedly misty day. A few companies make them such as Cateye TL-SL100.

Halfords do a pair of Power Mini Dual LED Bike Light for £9.99

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