Bike Racks and Bike Parking Photos


A model bike rack at Leeds Central train station. Bikes are highly visible and close to the train terminal. This helps protect against theft. The bikes are covered from the rain and although it is well used, there is space for more bikes. The U frames also enable you to lock the bike frame.

The great advantage of bikes over cars is that they take up much less space. (see: pic space taken by bikes and cars) Parked cars frequently reduce half the width of a road, turning a reasonable sized road into a one way system. If parked cars were replaced with parked bicycles, there would be a huge improvement in traffic flows as so many roads would be effectively widened.


Competition for bike parking in Oxford is intense meaning that bikes often spill onto the pavements


Yet, despite, the low space required by bikes, parking for bikes is often inadequate and cyclists find no suitable places to park. This is a typical scene outside Lincoln college.


Abandoned bikes often contribute to the problem of bike parking. A high % of parked bikes are abandoned, you can tell by their rust and broken components.

Bike Parking taken to extremes

Restrictions on bike parking are OK, if there are realistic options for alternative parking.

more pictures of cycling Oxford

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