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Cycle deaths / casualties in the UK

I find it a bit harder to write about this kind of topic. Part of me is a very keen cycling advocate. Despite the dangers of cycling – I feel the health benefits far outweigh the alternative of a sedentary lifestyle. In life, everything has a risk, including sitting on a sofa and stuffing yourself […]

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Changing attitudes to road fatalities.

Reading a book – the History of Time trialling by Peter Whitfield I was struck by some statistics about the level of road fatalities, during the 1930s and 1940s. Despite road traffic being only 10% of today’s levels. Road deaths reached nearly 10,000 a year. There were up to 1,000 road fatalities a year of […]

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Road Wars v Road Peace

Over the years, I’ve had the odd difficult moment on the roads. But, generally my philosophy is to try and stay out of trouble, ride with common sense and consideration to others. I follow the rules of the road with the over-riding proviso being common sense and consideration, rather than a stickler for rules and […]

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Cycle Bridge in Belgium shows infrastructure can make a difference

Great photos from this new cycling bridge in Belgium. It just shows, with a little vision and imagination, there’s always a way to improve transport for everyone. I bet even motorists are happy with this bridge. The EU is promoting cycling to some extent. “Cycling is an efficient way of using expensive and scarce space […]

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40 mph Speed Limits on Rural Roads

The government have announced plans to make it easier for local councils to introduce 40mph speed limits on rural roads. If implemented and enforced this could contributed to greater safety and lower accidents. The Minister for road safety, Mike Penning, said: “40mph limits should be considered for sections of rural roads where there are many […]

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