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An attempt to slow down traffic in Oxford

Jack Straw lane is a narrow road, just big enough for two cars to squeeze past. It also provides a short cut from the city centre to the J.R. Radcliffe Hospital. Because traffic in Headington is often very congested, this minor road provides a convenient short cut, and is popular with taxis and other drivers. […]

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Guide to Cycle Paths

photo Joe Ahearn (link) “When Camden Council conducted research into the reasons for the success of Dutch cycle infrastructure one of the most obvious differences they discovered was that the Dutch cycle on the right rather than the left. To test how significant this is they are conducting a controlled experiment on Tavistock Place to […]

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Cycling in the Bus Lane – (Photos)

I love bus lanes. They are a great place to cycle. It’s just about the only time you get a really solid gap between you and cars. Also the bus lane is so narrow buses can’t come past. It’s strange but bus lanes are usually much better than cycle lanes. And as this picture shows […]

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