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I only post new blogs at

Now, I only post new blogs at

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Cycling uphill

To cut a long story short. I’m going to be trying a new blog. I’ve already redirected the RSS feed. Hopefully new emails from blog will get sent. I’ll explain why later. I’m cycling uphill this weekend at Leith Hill (Kingston Wheelers) and Porlock Hill (Minehead CC) Both are great events to come along […]

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Honister Pass

3 days rest works quite well

A big thing of Obree’s training regime was taking  3-4 days rest in between all out training sessions. Usual I don’t like leaving that long. But, with a little niggle at the weekend, I ended up taking a few days off. When I did train yesterday, I felt in good form, I could train for […]

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Gardenening and cycling don’t mix so well

This week the aim was to have a really intense high load training week. In practise, it turned into a bit of a damp squib (and that wasn’t just the weather) On Monday, I did nothing more than an hour gentle recovery ride, but the next day  I had a muscle problem in the shin […]

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This hobby horse will never catch on

To celebrate the 196th anniversary of The Running Machine (invented 1817) German designers have gone back to basics and invented the same thing again ‘hoping to design a more environmentally friendly type of transport’. The original running bike. Photo by Gun Powder Ma wikipedia   A prototype of the bicycle were various running machines or […]

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The Obree Way – Review

I reviewed the Obree Way last year, but it cost £30 (which was a bit pricey even for a good book.) But  I see it’s available in paperback for £11.99 now. The Obree Way at BTW: I follow Obree’s world speed record attempts with interest – blog at Cycling Weekley The Obree way is […]

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Long Hill 2013

In the past few years I’ve become a bit of a regular at Buxton CC’s Long Hill climb. I like the atmosphere, and in a way I like the climb. Despite racing the hill 4 times, I’ve never been able to match my time from 2010 when I set a course record of 12.26. It […]

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Rules and practical advice for negotiating Roundabouts

When in Dublin, I was surprised a friend had no idea about the basic rule of roundabouts. He cycles into town everyday, but didn’t know at roundabouts you are supposed to give way to traffic coming from your right. I only noticed because at one roundabout. I waited, and he just cycled on into the […]

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Ride the lights – Blackpool

As part of Blackpool illuminations, upto 12,000 cyclists were able to ride up and down the promenade on the evening they were switched on. Looks a lot of fun. An exciting preview of Blackpool Illuminations between 7pm and 10pm. Blackpool illuminations

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NY interlude

I’m currently on holiday for a ‘training camp’ in Jamaica, Queens. It’s all focused on the hill climb season now. As part of my training, I cycle 2 miles to an outside velodrome at Kissena Park and try and so some kind of intervals over the lumpy concrete track. If I’m really feeling adventurous, I […]

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Tips for beginner road cyclists

For those just starting to get into road cycling, these are a few tips from my own experience of riding a bike for past 20 years. Buying a bike The first place to start is with buying a road bike. You don’t have to spend a fortune. For an entry level road bike, I would […]

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