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Get Britain Cycling

Being on holiday, you often miss all the news (which is quite refreshing). But, I did seem to miss the all party parliamentary – ‘Get Britain Cycling’ initiative. Improving the situation on the roads, any small incremental improvement is worth encouraging. There will be no Dutch revolution where we wake up one day, with beautiful […]

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More penalties for inconsiderate driving

Recently, I wrote about letting go of small transgressions. This is mainly from a personal perspective of staying sane. If you get annoyed by every irritation and minor problem on the road, you would be mad most of the time. But, although I’m personally keen to let go of small transgressions, I’m very glad to […]

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Why cyclists don’t pay road tax in UK

I was interested to read about a recent ‘I Pay Road Tax Campaign‘ (I have talked about this before – Should cyclists pay road tax?) Here are some more thoughts on the issue. The original road tax was abolished in 1937, but the name has stuck around. Most adults with a car have to pay […]

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Letting go of small road transgressions

  One aspect of sharing the road is that we come across numerous occasions of other road users being inconsiderate / breaking the law / highway code. When you’re cycling along trying to get home in one piece, the letter of the law doesn’t matter so much. What really counts is – do you feel […]

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all cycle accidents

Cycle deaths / casualties in the UK

I find it a bit harder to write about this kind of topic. Part of me is a very keen cycling advocate. Despite the dangers of cycling – I feel the health benefits far outweigh the alternative of a sedentary lifestyle. In life, everything has a risk, including sitting on a sofa and stuffing yourself […]

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An attempt to slow down traffic in Oxford

Jack Straw lane is a narrow road, just big enough for two cars to squeeze past. It also provides a short cut from the city centre to the J.R. Radcliffe Hospital. Because traffic in Headington is often very congested, this minor road provides a convenient short cut, and is popular with taxis and other drivers. […]

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The crazy energy of rush hour traffic

Recently, I went on a six hour training ride starting in Oxford, passing through the Chiltern hills and returning to Oxford around rush hour. The ride had a bit of everything. Quiet idyllic country lanes with minimal traffic. Busy A roads with fast moving traffic, impatient drivers – even when the road was quiet, The […]

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Guide to Cycle Paths

photo Joe Ahearn (link) “When Camden Council conducted research into the reasons for the success of Dutch cycle infrastructure one of the most obvious differences they discovered was that the Dutch cycle on the right rather than the left. To test how significant this is they are conducting a controlled experiment on Tavistock Place to […]

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Overtaking Cyclists

When overtaking cyclists, give plenty of space. You may not be able to overtake cyclists straightaway and will probably need to move into the other lane. This is particularly relevant for fast rural single carriageways. Often they have speed limits of 50mph, but this speed limits can be inappropriate. Sometimes, you may have to slow […]

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Dangerous Driving Maneouvres for Cyclists

Any cyclist will have encountered various dangerous types of motoring. These are some of the worst that I have experienced from time to time. Overtaking a bike and Coming to a quick Stop. Last week, I was descending Boars Hill at about 30mph. A white van overtook, and as soon as he had overtook, he […]

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Cycle Bridge in Belgium shows infrastructure can make a difference

Great photos from this new cycling bridge in Belgium. It just shows, with a little vision and imagination, there’s always a way to improve transport for everyone. I bet even motorists are happy with this bridge. The EU is promoting cycling to some extent. “Cycling is an efficient way of using expensive and scarce space […]

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