Old Men on Bikes


I hope when I’m an old man, (in roughly 65 years or so….) I hope that

  • I won’t be a grumpy old man
  • I’ll still be riding my bike.
  • I will still be racing a bike.

Many people who do time trials are ‘Vets’ – people over 40. In fact I know of many riders who don’t start until they are a Vet. It’s often surprising how quick people can still be on bike, even into their 60s and 70s.


Cycling and smoking a pipe. Reminds me of the great Norman Maggs smoking a pipe during a 24 hour time trial


If you’re going to ride for 24 hours, you might as well enjoy it…


I bought this bike before you were born


John Woodburn still racing (aged 73 I think now)


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