Mavic Ksyrium Review

I have ridden Mavic Kysrium wheel’s for a couple of years and they are a pretty versatile and reliable wheel. I once had a problem with the bearings, which needed fixing but apart from that they are quite sturdy.

mavic kyrsiums

mavic Ksyrium

The advantages of the Mavic Ksyrium’s include

  • Light enough to race. I have used them for hillclimbs, (although I now use Zipp 404 tubulars.)
  • Strong and reliable for year round training.
  • Look good. I don’t know why but I love the look of the silver straight spokes.

Long Term Review Ksyrium

I’ve had Mavic Ksyrium for 5 years. After two years, I had a problem with the rear hub, I had it fixed twice, but in the end I got rid off it because it couldn’t be repaired. The front wheel has been fine and has never needed changing. I like it because they are really quite light for clincher wheels and definitely look good on a polished road bike. They are also quite strong and accelerate well out of corners.  With a distinctive flat spoke they stand out quite well. The problem with the hub may have been bad luck as other riders I know haven’t experienced those problems.

Mavic Ksyrium’s £279
Other features include:

  • Easier handling with a lower inertia front rim
  • Maxtal, SUP rim with Fore drilling, profiled straight-pull spokes
  • 18 spokes
  • Alloy hubs with QRM+ bearings
  • FTS-L freewheel system
  • Supplied with q/r mechs
  • Rear wheel bearing adjustment tool and spoke keys

Mavic Ksyrium SL Premium Wheel Set is twice as expensive coming in at £549 . However, for a clincher their weight is impressively low and this is not at the expense of strength and performance.

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