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Speedplay Pedals Long Term Review

I started using Speedplay pedals back in 2006. I wrote a review in 2008 of the pedals; this is an updated review after owning three pairs for several years. Summary Speedplay pedals are very good to ride on. They took a little bit of getting used to (like floating on ice is common feeling), but […]

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Best Cycling Road Tyres

My favourite tyres for road cycling depend on the use of the bike. For commuting into work along roads and a river bank (Thames in Oxford), my highest priority is puncture resistance. As a general rule, I don’t carry a spare inner tube on my 3 mile commute. Therefore, if I puncture, it’s a choice […]

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specialized allez

Advice on Buying First Road Bike

My first road bike – Mail order from Ribble. If you are considering getting your first road bike, ideally you would be able to spend a minimum of £350 – £400. This would be enough to get you a decent entry level bike and give you a few options. For example, at that price range […]

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taxc satori

Quiet Turbo Trainers

If you wish to do some turbo training during the winter months, you may need to find a turbo trainer that is quiet. Especially if you live in an upstairs flat, it is important you get one which is not going to annoy the person living underneath. Quiet turbo trainers are also often necessary if […]

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Tips for Turbo Training

Training on a turbo is one of those aspects of cycling that can really test our determination and enthusiasm. No-one took up cycling so they could spend hours pedalling in a static position – getting very bored and hot at the same time! Yet, on a wet / icey day, even the turbo can seem […]

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Motivation for Cycling Training

Quite often we can go through periods where we loose motivation to train. This can be for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that we have other pressures on our time. Sometimes we may loose motivation because we have been over training. At other times there may be no good reason […]

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cycle helmets

Reasons to Wear a Cycle Helmet

Cycling helmets can prevent serious head injuries. Sometimes the benefits are exaggerated, but, in some cases a good cycling helmet can make a significant reduction in the impact of a collision. Due to the perceived safety benefits of Cycling helmets, they have now been made compulsory in UCI professional cycling races. The decision to make […]

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honister pass

Cycling the Lake District 2011

Cycling in the Lake District provides a great challenge for cyclists. Here are some highlights for cycling in the Lake District Kirkstone Pass Kirkstone pass is the highest road in the Lake District. It provides a difficult challenge for any of the three routes. The shortest route from Ambleside is also the hardest, with a […]

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Single Speed Bicycles

Thinking about my next commuting bike, I have become interested in the idea of getting a single speed bike. (I wouldn’t want a  fixed gear bike for commuting, though some do choose to have it ) A single speed bike would have certain advantages over a conventional bike, and also I like the simplicity of […]

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Waterproof Cycling Trousers

For quite a few years of cycle commuting I never really used waterproof trousers. I would kind of get wet, curse the weather and take a spare pair of trousers. My first pair of waterproof cycling trousers were pretty useless and this must have been what put me off (they did only cost £15 from […]

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Best Winter Cycling Gear

1. Reflective clothing. Even during the day, light levels can be quite low. Motorists can easily miss cyclists who are dressed in dark clothes. Reflective clothing can make as much difference as lights. There are many options for purchasing reflective clothing. Usually, it is quite light weight. Also, don’t just buy a reflective top. Reflective […]

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