Jubilee Tower Hill Climb 2010


Sunday was another hill climb, after the two the day before. The course ( L820) is about 1.8 miles of varying gradient.

I was really determined to arrive in plenty of time for a change. But, my satnav went awol and took me on the most ridiculous circuitous route. Luckily I half know these areas so stopped following it and metaphorically sacked the machine. I ended up getting there with only short time to warm up, which was probably a blessing in disguise because it was raining solidly all day.


For a change I warmed up on a turbo before stripping off in a nearby bus shelter. I didn’t have the best start before tackling the steep hairpin, which makes up the beginning of the course. After the first two hairpins, the hill thankfully eases off and is a long drag to the top. My legs didn’t feel tired, but, I didn’t feel I was racing at quite the intensity of the previous day. Maybe it was too early in the morning, and I’ve never like the cold. Also, it can be difficult to judge, especially on a longer climb. It was good enough for first place. My time was 7.27. Matt Clinton was 2nd 7.44 and Matthew Pilkington 7.51

After racing, I descended the climb which was pretty tough. When I got to the bottom I was chilled to the bone. I was shaking in the car I was so cold. By the time I’d driven back to top, the prize ceremony was just about over, I don’t blame people for not hanging around, it was pretty chilly in that weather

The organising club, Lancaster CC gained special fund (sponsored by Edge Cycleworks) of £250 for anyone who could break seven minutes. It wasn’t to be this year. There was a slight headwind. But, another year it is definitely possible.

Lancaster CC Hill climb 2009 – when it was sunny.

Trough of Bowland


If it hadn’t been so wet, I may have gone for a ride in the Trough of Bowland. Very good roads. This lone cyclist rides on undeterred.

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  1. Hortoris October 6, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    Sounds like you need a foil blanket this winter to rewarm!
    Alternatively I personally like a bacon butty or Big mac

  2. Andrew October 5, 2010 at 6:08 am #

    Wish I had known you were up here in ‘sunny’ Lancashire, I’d have met up with you. Next year I am moving to near the trough of Bowland and I am looking forward to the trough and Pendleton area becoming my new training ground. Currently I live in Preston, in an area I would describe as lumpy, though there are a few 2 mile drags which I build in. Hoping to join one of the local cycle clubs next year too! Something I would like to hear you comment on is warlike and cool down techniques, especially when you don’t have a turbo or rollers. And what do you recommend for winter riding and keeping warm? Great reading your blog, keep posting!

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