Furious Australian Driver Takes Down 50 Cyclists

Shocking story from Australia. A motorist was so annoyed at being held up by a bunch of cyclists, that he overtook and then slammed on the brakes in front of the pack. The driver caused all 50 cyclists to crash. Luckily none was fatal, but, there were many serious injuries and broken bikes. Many of the riders were semi pros or top amateurs.

The driver is known to the police and is liable to face charges of dangerous driving and failing to stop at an accident.

Road rage is a real problem in many countries and cyclists are very vulnerable to drivers such as this.

Australian law requires cyclists to use a cycle path if there is one. Fortunately there wasn’t a cycle path on this road. Cycle paths are completely unsuitable for cyclists going fast. In the UK, the CTC campaigned against making cycle paths compulsory.  link at shm.com 

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