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Reasons to Wear a Cycle Helmet

Cycling helmets can prevent serious head injuries. Sometimes the benefits are exaggerated, but, in some cases a good cycling helmet can make a significant reduction in the impact of a collision. Due to the perceived safety benefits of Cycling helmets, they have now been made compulsory in UCI professional cycling races. The decision to make […]

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Improving Safety of Cycling

Improving Safety of Cycling

Many people, especially women, site safety as the biggest issue which puts them off cycling. To some extent our safety cycling is at the mercy of other road users. Of course, there is always a hope the standard of driving will improve; e.g. government policies may make a difference. But, there’s not really much we […]

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Furious Australian Driver Takes Down 50 Cyclists

Shocking story from Australia. A motorist was so annoyed at being held up by a bunch of cyclists, that he overtook and then slammed on the brakes in front of the pack. The driver caused all 50 cyclists to crash. Luckily none was fatal, but, there were many serious injuries and broken bikes. Many of […]

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How Dangerous is Cycling at Night?

I came across this thought provoking post at Commute by Bike. – Dangers of Cycling at Night At the moment, in the UK, it starts to get darks from 3.30pm. Most of the time I am commuting in what could be termed ‘night’ or at least reduced visibility. There are a couple of reports which […]

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