Small Margins

Often when I write about something on this blog, it has has a habit of coming true. I write about how to avoid getting punctures, and promptly get 5 in a week. Write about road rage, and you get someone throwing a plastic bottle from window. On Saturday I wrote about marginal gains, so it perhaps wasn’t a surprise the weekends racing was very close.

Newbury R.C. 10 Mile TT

Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy CT 20:25 40
Mark Jones Oxford City RC 20:25 120
Jon Simpkins 20:27 90
Justyn Cannon RAF CC 20:40 100
Rob Pellham Lewes Wanderers CC 20:42 110

Tied for first place with Mark Jones (Oxford City R.C) Ironically, it was a conversation with Mark Jones in street that prompted me to look for a few tweaks with position and think more about marginal gains so it was nice to finish in tie.

The race was in a strong headwind. To the turn I averaged about 25mph. On the way back I averaged about 35mph + Often spinning out on a 54*11. Was great fun cycling so quick!

Hemel Hempstead 25 Mile TT

  1. Tejvan Pettinger – Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 54:00
  2. Danny Axford - Arctic Premier RT  54:04
  3. Steve Golla - High Wycombe CC 54:49

For a change not a windy day. Nice single carriageway course. Another small margin.

New 24 Hour Record

In the national 24 hour time trial, Andy Wilkinson set a new 24 hour record, provisionally he set a whopping 541 miles in 24 hours! What an achievement. Not so much marginal gains as an epic effort for 24 hours.


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