Trek 2nd District Review

The Trek 2nd District review – A single speed commuter which offers racing bike style speed.

Firstly, this bike reminded me quite a bit about my current commute a Trek 1.2. It is a similar frame size and I felt quite at home on the drop handlebars. The main difference is a lack of gears, being just single speed. There is also the ability to convert to fix if you want by flipping the rear wheel and adding cog.

Trek 2nd District

Very nice smooth headset and bars.

The bike looks really quite respectable, not the most beautiful bike, but definitely satisfactory and pleasing on the eye. Personally, I feel brown and cream might not seem the most obvious colour for a bicycle, a colour combination that somehow reminds me of my Grandpa’s cardigans. (but, don’t let that put you off)

Trek 2nd District

Chain guard is a quite practical addition for commuting, save your trousers from getting oil. There is room for panniers too.

If it doesn’t look the most sporty bike, I found it really quite fast getting around town. Without mudguards and weight of panniers it was relatively nifty and quite enjoyable to ride. This is the great advantage of new aluminium frames, lightweight and cheap.

Trek 2nd District

Nice lines.

The frame and fork is an attractive combination of the tried and tested aluminium frame and carbon fork. The carbon fork helps absorbs some of the bumps. Though the aluminium frame will always feel a little harsher than classic steel. The ride quality is helped by the 25c tyres which is my preferred width for commuting. Wide enough for a little stability and comfort, but also thin enough to be quick.
Trek 2nd District

Trek know how to build a smoothly finished bike.
Other Points

  • The extra comfy cork grips were a nice touch. Helped you feel at home with the bike.
  • Saddle was firm but fine.
  • Tektro road levers excellent. Great stopping power.
  • Overall, I really enjoyed riding the bike, this is partly due to the fact this is the style of bike I’m used to riding. I just like riding a light weight racing bike on drop handlebars. The single speed is not really a disadvantage and it’s nice not to have to think about changing gears or maintaining gears.
  • Pedals are great size and easy to use.

Part of my keeps wanting to get a really attractive bike name – such as a charge Plug single speed, an Italian racing bike like Bianchi. Yet, despite my best intentions I often seem to end up buying Trek because it offers such good value. The economist in me tends to beat the romantic. The Trek is currently £399 – this is really excellent value and I was sorely tempted to get. But, the romantic in me is still holding out for that mythical perfect bike.

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