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Firstly, apologies to my cycling newsletter subscribers. I manage two websites (cycling and By mistake my cycling subscribers received a newsletter on economics  – so apologies if you were bemused to see a missive on debt default, balance sheet recessions and liquidity traps in your inbox  (and you thought cyclists were boring arguing about campagnolo vs Shimano.)

I send an email newsletter about once a fortnight. It includes highlight of past two weeks such as most popular posts, most commented posts e.t.c. Plus subscribers get a unique insight into all my super secret training methods (like riding a bike as fast as you can). So don’t miss out and I promise no more debt default and deflationary pressures. (only deflating tyres and cycling inspiration)

You can subscribe by filling in the box in the sidebar to the right. Name and email is all that is needed.

Next week I was planning to do posts on turbo training and winter training, but instead I think I’ll need to do it on dehydration and coping with the heat. So enjoy your cycling if you’re lucky enough to be in UK (not often we say that).

Whatever you do, be glad you’re not doing three hill climbs in two days. That’s what I have to look forward to….

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  1. tejvan October 1, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    Maybe I should try sending out the cycling newsletters to economists. As Norman Tebbit once said ‘the unemployed should get on their bike’

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