British Cycling at the Olympics 2008

Victoria Pendleton aiming for Olympic Gold in 500m sprint.

British cycling has often been the butt of jokes on the continent. If Britain had any real success in cycling, it was because either:

  • A rider moved to the continent e.g. Tom Simpson, Barry Hoban, Robert Miller
  • Were completely unique e.g. Greame Obree

However, in recent years, British cycling has proved remarkably successful in creating one of the strongest track cycling squads in the world. This  Beijing Olympics 2008,  the British squad have a realistic chance of 6 golds, possibly more.

A lot of credit should go to David Brailsford for ruthlessly targeting Olympic success, whilst maintaining a strong ethical stance. Watching the World Track championships earlier in the year, I was surprised at how enjoyable many of the events were as spectator sports. It is a shame, the Olympic track programme is shorter than World Championships. Some notable omissions include the 1KM time trial – dropped to make room for the BMX

Olympic Cycling Schedule

Saturday 9th August
Men’s Road Race 04:00

Sunday 10th August
Women’s Road Race  07:00

Wednesday 13th August
Women’s Time Trial 04:30
Men’s Time Trial 07:30

Friday 15th August
Men’s Team Sprint Qual 09:30
Men’s Ind Pursuit Qual 09:55
Men’s Team Sprint Rd 1 10:45
Women’s Ind Pursuit Qual 11:00
Men’s Team Sprint Final 3-4 11:40
Men’s Team Sprint Final 1-2 11:45
Men’s Team Sprint Medal C 11:50

Saturday 16th August
Men’s Ind Pursuit Round 1 09:30
Men’s Keirin Round 1 09:50
Women’s Ind Pursuit Qual 10:05
Men’s Keirin Repechage 10:25
Men’s Points Race Final 10:40
Men’s Keirin Round 2 11:30
Men’s Points Race Medal C 11:40
Men’s Ind Pursuit Final 3-4 11:50
Men’s Ind Pursuit Final 1-2 11:55
Men’s Ind Pursuit Medal C 12:05
Men’s Keirin Final 7-12 12:15
Men’s Keirin Final 1-6 12:20
Men’s Keirin Medal C 12:25

Sunday 17th August
Men’s Team Pursuit Qual 03:00
Women’s Sprint Qual 04:05
Men’s Sprint Qual 04:20
Men’s Sprint 1/16 Final 09:30
Women’s Ind Pursuit Final 3-4 10:05
Women’s Ind Pursuit Final 1-2 10:10
Women’s Sprint 1/8 Final 10:15
Men’s Sprint 1/8 Final 10:35
Women’s Ind Pursuit Medal C 10:55
Men’s Team Pursuit Round 1 11:15

Monday 18th August
Women’s Points Race Final 09:30
Women’s Sprint QF Heat 1 10:05
Men’s Sprint QF Heat 1 10:20
Women’s Points Race M C 10:35
Women’s Sprint QF Heat 2 10:45
Men’s Sprint QF Heat 2 11:00
Men’s Team Pursuit Final 3-4 11:15
Men’s Team Pursuit Final 1-2 11:20
Women’s Sprint QF Heat 3 11:30
Men’s Sprint QF Heat 3 11:40
Men’s Team Pursuit M C 11:50

Tuesday 19th August
Women’s Sprint SF Heat 1 09:30
Men’s Sprint SF Heat 1 09:40
Men’s Sprint Classif 9-12 09:50
Women’s Sprint SFHeat 2 09:55
Men’s Sprint SF Heat 2 10:05
Women’s Sprint Class 9-12 10:15
Women’s Sprint SF Heat 3 10:20
Men’s Sprint SF Heat 3 10:25
Men’s Madison Final 10:30
Women’s Sprint Final 3-4 HT1 11:25
Women’s Sprint Final 1-2 HT1 11:30
men’s Sprint Final 3-4 HT1 11:35
Men’s Sprint Final 1-2 HT 1 11:40
Women’s Sprint Class 5-8 11:45
Men’s Sprint Class 5-8 11:50
Women’s Sprint Final 3-4 HT2 11:55
Women’s Sprint Final 1-2 HT2 12:00
Men’s Sprint Final 3-4 HT2 12:05
Men’s Sprint Final 1-2 HT2 12:10
Men’s Madison Medal C 12:15
Women’s Sprint Final 3-4 HT3 12:25
Women’s Sprint Final 1-2 HT3 12:25
Men’s Sprint Final 3-4 HT3 12:30
Men’s Sprint Final 1-2 HT3 12:30
Women’s Sprint Medal C 12:35
Men’s Sprint Medal C 12:35

Wednesday 20th August
Men’s BMX Seeding Run 1 02:00
Women’s BMX Seeding Run 1 02:45
Men’s BMX Seeding Run 2 03:15
Women’s BMX Seeding Run 2 04:00
Men’s BMX QFs Run 1 04:40
Men’s BMX QFs Run 2 05:05
Men’s BMX QFs Run 3 05:32

Thursday 21st August
Women’s BMX SFs Run 1 02:00
Men’s BMX SFs Run 1 02:08
Women’s BMX SFs Run 2 02:30
Men’s BMX SFs Run 2 02:38
Women’s BMX SFs Run 3 03:00
Men’s BMX SFs Run 3 03:08
Women’s BMX Final 03:30
Men’s BMX Final 03:40
Women’s BMX Medal C 04:00
Men’s BMX Medal C 04:10

Friday 22nd August
Women’s MTB 08:00

Saturday 23rd August
Men’s MTB 08:00

Olympic Cycling on BBC TV

Friday 8th August:
BBC1 Opening Ceremony 12:45-16:45 Opening Ceremony
BBC1 Games Preview 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Saturday 9th August:
BBC1 Men’s RR 04:00 Olympics
BBC1 Men’s RR 06:00-11:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 Men’s RR 17:30 Games Today

Sunday 10th August:
BBC1 Women’s RR 07:00-11:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 Women’s RR 17:30-18:30 Games Today

Wednesday 13th August:
BBC1 Time Trials, M+F 06:00-09:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 Time Trials, M+F 09:00-12:00 Olympics
BBC1 Time Trials, M+F 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Friday 15th August:
BBC1 Track 09:00-12:00 Olympics
BBC1 Track 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Saturday 16th August:
BBC1 Track 08:20-12:00 Olympics
BBC1 Track 17:30-18:30 Games Today

Sunday 17th August:

BBC1 Track 00:15-06:00 Olympics
BBC1 Track 08:20-12:00 Olympics
BBC1 Track 18:00-19:00 Games Today

Monday 18th August:
BBC1 Track 06:00-09:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 Track 09:00-12:00 Olympics
BBC1 Track 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Tuesday 19th August:
BBC1 Track 09:00-12:00 Olympics
BBC2 Track 12:00-12:45 Olympics
BBC1 Track 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Wednesday 20th August:
BBC1 BMX 01:50 – 06:00 Olympics
BBC1 BMX 06:00-09:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 BMX 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Thursday 21st August:
BBC1 BMX 01:50-06:00 Olympics
BBC1 BMX 06:00-09:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 BMX 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Friday 22nd August:
BBC1 Women’s MTB 06:00-09:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 Women’s MTB 09:00-12:00 Olympics
BBC1 Women’s MTB 19:00-20:00 Games Today

Saturday 23rd August:
BBC1 Men’s MTB 07:00-12:00 Olympic Breakfast
BBC1 Men’s MTB 17:30-18:30 Games Today

Sunday 24th August:
BBC1 Games Review 12:00-15:30 Closing Ceremony

Britain’s Leading Contenders for Olympic Gold

  • Mark Cavendish – points race
  • Victoria Pendleton – Women’s sprint
  • Shanaze Reade (Women’s BMX)
  • Nicole Cooke (Women’s Road Race)
  • Chris Hoy (Sprint, Team Sprint and Keirin)
  • Bradley Wiggins (Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit and Madison)
  • Rebecca Romero (Women’s Pursuit and Points Race)

British Track Gold at World Championships


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  1. C Kim McGavin August 19, 2008 at 8:05 pm #

    Well!!! What can I say?? Here I am againsending many congratulations to Chris (erm maybe I should say Sir Chris lol)for his awesome performances in the Olympics. Please tell him that the whole of Scotland are so very proud of him. Please pass on my very best wishes to both him and the rest of the terrific GB team. it has been an absolutely amazing thing to watch. I feel they should definetely get the BBC sportsteam of the year. I hope you will push foe that lol. He and they have certainly made my Olympics. Take care, Kim


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