Mongoose Maurice Review

The Moongoose Maurice is an entry level single speed which can be adapted for freestyle riding. The colour scheme and make up of the bike mean it is clearly aimed at the younger segment of the urban bike market. It is likely to appeal to someone looking for a single speed bike with something a little different – but cheaper than competitors.

mongoose maurice

One of the main attractions of the bike is that at £429 it is good value. Compared to similar Charge bikes it is a little cheaper, but doesn’t sacrifice much. Though this price difference is less than in recent years as Mongoose have put up the price of this model in recent years

The bike is based on a Steel Chromoly double butted frame and fork. The steel frame means it’s not light. At 10.5kg it’s a little heavy for a single speed. But, for the price you couldn’t expect much more.

Other Main specs

    • 44 x 18t singlespeed drivetrain . The 44*18t singlespeed means that it is quite quick to accelerate, though you are soon at top speed, unless you can pedal at furious cadence.
    • Rear wheel can be switched between fixed riding and freewheeling or in Fixed spedak ‘flip-flop rear hub’. Whatever you call it, good to have choice
    • Chromoly 1-piece bar & stem. Keeps things simple, but reduces scope for adjustability.
    • Tyres: Freedom (by WTB) Thick Slick, 700 x 25c. These nice thick tyres helped give greater stability and comfort. Riding over cobbles was not a big deal for the Maurice Mongoose. The combination of forgiving steel frame and good tyres helps to absorb the uneven surface. This is one of strengths of the bike, it can be pushed around and it retains impression of strength and durability.

Mongoose Maurice

    • Saddle. – Mongoose Urban. The saddle is not particularly comfortable, you wouldn’t want this for a 100Km audax ride. But, since this bike is never going to be used for that kind of riding it’s not really a problem. In fact, you will spend quite a bit of time out of the saddle.

Mongoose Maurice

    • Riding Position. With the handlebars quite low, it is fairly aggressive and encourages the kind of urban riding the bike was intended for. Dare I say, it is quite nimble for getting up and down pavements.

Mongoose Maurice

  • Brakes. Alloy calliper are simple, but I found adequate. Fortunately, they have got rid of the painted rims found on earlier models.

Mongoose Maurice


A key feature of this bike is whether it looks cool. This will be a matter of interpretation. Personally, I’m not keen on the juxtoposition of blue and black. The other option is white and orange. To me, this looks much better. But, it is really appealing to a different market than me. It is certainly distinctive and that counts for quite a lot in standing out from the crowd.


Mongoose Maurice in white and orange. Looks good.


The bike was fun to ride. I didn’t test it to its limits, but it held up well around the roads, potholes and cobbles of Oxford. It is nifty for getting around and is quite comfortable to ride. The riding position gives an impression of control and maneuverability. I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t need the freestyle capacity that this gives. Also, I’m not impressed by the visual appeal. But, if you do like the look of this bike (as there is no reason not to) it is a fairly good value single speed. At £429, there is little compromise on more expensive choices, so make a good choice for the cash strapped urban rider. It might sound like it could be a character in BBC Natural World Live, but Mongoose Maurice holds its own in the urban jungle.

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Chris Askrigg on Mongoose Maurice 2010 model

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