Best Cycling Photos of 2012

Some cycling photos from 2012.


Cyclists on the High. Quite a mix of different bikes and cyclists

kids -back

Cycling in sunny weather – mum’s taxi


Look Mum, no hands.


Squeezing through a less than optimal road design.

Don’t get any closer, I’ll hit you with this cardboard stick. Cyclists fight back against buses passing too closely.

Cycling Oxford

Struggling to keep up. Cycling keeps you young. Cycling photos and captions


photo, Bichxa, CC Cycling in the rain. A common experience in 2012.

There has been a lot of flooding this year. But quite deep water didn’t stop these intrepid cyclists using this cycle path.

The teddy isn’t very aerodynamic.

tour de france

Good old black and white photos.

play it again sam

Play it again Sam, the lament of the short-distance commuter.


Cycling the new cool in London

Sheldonian Theatre in the background.


The joy of a good cycle path. Sometimes you need a good reminder why we commute by bike.

Amsterdam obviously.


Army cyclist making a good pace.


bike vs bus



waiting for the lights.

Relieving pre-exam nerves.

cate blanchett

Cate Blanchett on a bicycle.

Cycling Oxford

Could almost be across the channel in Holland.


Enjoying the Yorkshire Dales.

The Munster Classic Shot





A more typical UK street.

Cycling Oxford

Even cyclists can get stuck in a jam. Photos of cycle commuters



Dunwich Dynamo cycle ride, July 2011. Hackney E5

Dunwich Dynamo – Obsessive compulsive cycle disorder




Tejvan cycling through the Yorkshire Dales

Bradley Wiggins, flying even faster.


Lovely photo of Olympic stadium. Shame the Olympic cycle paths left something to be desired.

the Tour of Halfords


3 Responses to Best Cycling Photos of 2012

  1. Francis January 6, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    Great photos, Tejvan, especially some of the black & white ones. Do you ask permission of the people you take before you put them on the website?

    And I always enjoy your blog – lots of positive stuff as well as realistic comment, which is a pleasant change from some of the doom-and-gloom-isn’t-everything-terrible cycling blogs there are around. Keep it going!

  2. missgeorgieo December 27, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

    Thanks for sharing these. Wish I was cycling on the old black & white one up that dusty road on the hill. Looks amazing.

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