Riding Into The Wind

Not A Great day for riding a disc wheel

Not A Great day for riding a disc wheel

It’s been a tough wind for cycling this weekend. It’s been very windy. Yesterday was a 10 mile time trial. I used a disc wheel and deep section front wheel, which wasn’t a good idea given the wind. With a strong side wind the bike would get pushed out into the road a little. I did 22.11

Riding into a wind can be quite demoralising, because even though it’s flat, your speed can fall drastically. There’s not much else you can do apart from put your head down and cycle through it. Don’t forget to change down gears and maintain your usual high cadence. Just feel it is like going up a hill and don’t think too much about the speedometer. Sometimes you see people cycling into the wind and they are pushing the same gear as if there was no wind, their RPM falls to 50 or something – No wonder they find it tough!

Also there is a psychological barrier about riding into the wind. But, it’s not quite as bad once you start cycling.

Another quick tip. I was out riding today when it started raining. My hands were getting cold so I nipped into a petrol station and got a pair of free plastic gloves. These offered a bit of protection.

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