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How Not to Warm up on a Turbo

For several years, I’ve had a turbo trainer quietly rusting away in the garage / shed. It’s one of those things that as a cyclist you feel you ought to buy – even if you’re not quite sure of the point. (I mean everyone spends hours on the turbo during winter don’t they? ) It’s […]

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Think About Cyclists

The Department of Transport has launched a Think Campaign for cyclists and motorists – similar to the Think campaign used for motorcyclists. Cycling is relatively safe, but according to the D o T still has the second highest  KSI rate per billion passenger miles travelled of any road user group. (death rates per bn km) […]

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Great Aromas of Cycling

The sense of smell is something we tend to forget, but unconsciously is always there. It’s certainly not the first thing you think about with regard to cycling. It’s more of a visual feast – the peleton strung out alongside an  immaculate French vineyard or the visual pain of seeing cyclists with knee high black […]

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Easily Pleased with York Cycling Facilities

Easily Pleased with York Cycling Facilities

Perhaps I’m too easily pleased with cycling facilities. After coming back from Queens, New York I feel anything without cars travelling at 50mph with scant regard for anyone else on the road is a real boon. For example, last Sunday I was in York for an hour. I noticed there was a cycling festival so […]

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Lance Armstrong Doping Issues

I have to admit to a certain fascination with the Lance Armstrong and the on going doping investigations. Some people think ‘well, it happened in the past, we should leave it.   But, I watched nearly all of Lance Armstrong’s seven tour victories. I watched in increasing dismay as he threw his weight around chasing […]

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Cyclists – Pedestrians or Vehicle?

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” – John Howard Is a cyclist akin to an unprotected pedestrian or should a person on a bicycle be treated the same as a motorbike / motor vehicle? Perhaps one reason why certain cycling issues can be so contentious is the fact that no-one […]

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Inspired by the Olympics

photo S.E Star / CC In an age of glib marketing sentiments, it’s easy to be a little cyclical about another slogan ‘Inspire a Generation’. But, despite all the clichés and imperfections of  the Olympics, I’ve found myself drawn into this great sporting spectacle and feel genuinely inspired by the Olympic spirit. It’s an inspiration […]

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Should Cycle Helmets be made Compulsory?

Now that Lord Bradley Wiggins of Kilburn has confirmed that he doesn’t want to make cycle helmets compulsory, I feel it’s safe to rehash an old post on cycle helmets. I have a strong fear this topic may have been covered by one or two other people on the internet today already, but I’m sure […]

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An Olympic Legacy for Cycling

The London Velodrome is a very visible legacy for London Cyclists. But, will the cycling legacy be confined to off-road velodromes or is there a chance to promote cycling right in the heart of British cities? What would be the best Olympic legacy for cycling in London and the UK? 1. More Numbers The best […]

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Cycling and Health Issues

Comment from Cycling and health ‘that’s a powerful argument for more cycling priority coming into transport policy. So why is it so hard to get authorities to take it seriously? I think health is primarily an individual issue. You have to be responsible for the health of your body – whatever government policy dictates. However, […]

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UK Cycling Becomes Mainstream

Yesterday, was a record day for numbers of visits to The most popular keyword was not (as you might imagine) ‘Bradley Wiggins‘. No Bradley Wiggins was trumped by the even more popular keyword of ‘donkeys in the tour de France.’ 3,000 Km across the Alps, Pyrenees, and most of France – epic duels in […]

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