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Old cycling books and unintended comedy

Recently I was looking through my bookcase, looking for books to give away to charity shops. I have a Zen like attitude to personal stuff. I get great joy from giving things away creating empty space.  I often have to later go back and buy what I’ve just thrown out, but that’s another story. The […]

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Guide to Cycle Paths

photo Joe Ahearn (link) “When Camden Council conducted research into the reasons for the success of Dutch cycle infrastructure one of the most obvious differences they discovered was that the Dutch cycle on the right rather than the left. To test how significant this is they are conducting a controlled experiment on Tavistock Place to […]

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I want to ride my bicycle

It’s not been a good week for cycling. Last week, I went out on my bike only to turn around after 2 miles with a bad knee, and I haven’t really been out since. Google, in their infinite wisdom have taken a disliking to cycling info, decreasing search results. I found a biography of Eddy […]

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Cycling Confessions

The big news in cycling this week is that we shall soon have the big confession – the admission that Oprah Winfrey doesn’t know very much about professional cycling. Meanwhile, the artist formerly known as L.A. is seeking a pharmaceutical product to help open up tear ducts – at the most appropriate time to gain […]

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The Best Type of Cycling Blog

2012 was an interesting year to be a cycling blogger. There was everything from the Olympics to the biggest drug scandal in the history of sport. Even if you didn’t want to blog about the pro-scene, there was never a shortage of things to write about.  Not least -  Should Cycling helmets be compulsory? Should […]

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Cycling Becomes The UK’s Favourite Mode of Transport

Slightly late, here is a rather rose tinted view of general cycling in 2012. Rather than another ‘highlights of 2012 post’ I felt I could make this post more interesting by deciding that 2012 was the year when cycling became the UK’s favourite mode of transport. As voted by me. Let’s see if there is […]

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Bradley Wiggins v Lance Armstrong: Review of Pro cycling 2012

2012 has definitely been a spectacular year for cycling, and British cycling in particular. Even a few months later, it’s still nice to say Bradley Wiggins wins the Tour De France There were the days when,  in Britain, we got excited at the mere presence of a rider in the Tour de France. With the […]

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Cycling and Happiness

What impact does cycling have on our state of mind, our emotions and our general sense of happiness? Firstly, the act of cycling or any physical exercise can definitely help to create a ‘feel good effect’. Medical people talk about certain chemicals, such as Serotonin, which are released when cycling. These are free mood enhancing […]

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Road Wars v Road Peace

Over the years, I’ve had the odd difficult moment on the roads. But, generally my philosophy is to try and stay out of trouble, ride with common sense and consideration to others. I follow the rules of the road with the over-riding proviso being common sense and consideration, rather than a stickler for rules and […]

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The Odd Science of Cycling

Interesting article and video here at the Guardian [link]. A guy with Parkinsons lost the ability to walk, but he could still ride a bicycle . The explanation is something to do with something how the brain functions. It made me think of a slightly tangential point about how cycling can make you feel like […]

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How to Increase Average Speed Cycling?

Readers Question: I’m a commuter/leisure cyclist and I’m looking to getting into race fitness for a few sportives next year. I’ve never raced before and would like to know the best training methods to start increasing my fitness and speed. When I go out for a ride it’s usually only 20 miles and I ride […]

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