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My Cool Bike – review

My Cool Bike ‘An inspirational guide to bikes and bike culture‘ is a nice coffee book table with lots of diverse pictures of cyclists and bicycles. If will appeal to those who like the more ‘trendy’ ‘cool’ aspect of cycling. A celebration of ‘cycle chic’ The pictures and photos are probably the main attraction, and […]

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12 Champions

12 Champions by Peter Whitfield offers 12 different chapters on the great British cyclists of the post war period. It focuses on the domestic stars of both time trialling and road racing. I really enjoyed reading it, and is one of my favourite cycling books. It captures the best of British cycling during the post […]

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Cycling Science – review

Cycling Science is a book with lots of data and investigation into the science behind cycling – aerodynamics, power, stability, materials. I was sent a free review copy by Frances Lincoln publishers and quite enjoyed reading it. Firstly, the cycling book market is quite crowded. It’s always hard to come up with something new, Cycling […]

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Race against Time – Obree vs Boardman

A review of The Race against time – Obree, Boardman and the quest to be the fastest man on two wheels by Edward Pickering. This is one of the best cycling books I’ve read for quite a long time. I really enjoyed reading it. It’s pacey, interesting, amusing and based on two giants of British […]

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The Rules of Cycling – Velominati Review

I haven’t reviewed many  products this year, but I was pleased to receive through the post an advanced copy of ‘The Rules – The way of the cycling disciple‘ by Velominati. It gave me a lot of food for thought. I enjoyed reading it, and I also enjoyed critiquing it.  The problem is that a […]

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Seven Deadly Sins – David Walsh Review

One undeniable fact about watching the Tour de France, in the Lance Armstrong years of 1999-2005 was that it was all pretty dull. There was never really any effective challenge to the blue train of the USPs. The only two attacks I can remember were Jan Ullrich temporarily gaining a   minute on a climb […]

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Bradley Wiggins – The Story of Britain’s Greatest Cyclist

Bradley Wiggins – The Story of Britain’s Greatest Cyclist

Recently, I got a free publicity copy of this book: Bradley Wiggins – The story of Britain’s greatest-ever cyclist – through the post. Do you remember those halycon days of late August, when cycling was the coolest sport, Jimmy Saville was a great charity worker, British cycling was basking in its greatest glory days since […]

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too far this time

You’ve gone too far this time, Sir!

You’ve gone too far this time, Sir! – A cycle ride to the heart of India by Danny Bent As well as a love of cycling, I’ve always had a love of India. But, those two never seem to be natural partners. I have many goals, achievements and targets in the world of cycling, but […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder – Review

I was writing a piece on cycling – ‘obsession, passion and enjoyment’. (This will be published soon), when I came across ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder‘ by Dave Barter. I initially bought the book for 99p in e-book form, but could never be bothered to download it to iPhone so I ended up buying hardcopy for […]

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Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

After the surprising popularity of the first book – 100 Greatest Cycling climbs, the author Simon Warren has brought out a second edition. It is in the same format with another 100 climbs from around Great Britain. Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs at Amazon There are some new hills which look pretty inviting to the […]

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The Bicycle Book – Bella Bathurst | Review

One challenge with writing a book on cycling, is finding something new to say. There really isn’t much mileage in writing a new guide to cycling in a straight line, wear a helmet and don’t forget to pump up your tyres. When I buy a new book on cycling, I’m always looking for a new […]

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