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Science of Cold Weather Cycling

Last Sunday, I managed one and half hours in a temperature of 2 degrees. I promised myself, that any temperature less than 2 degrees was officially too cold for outdoor riding. The weather forecast for the next seven days means I’m either going to do no cycling or will become very well acquainted with my […]

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Yorkshire Miles Count Double

The weather has been pretty ‘grim up north’ -  Not too cold to go out, and, unbelievably, despite this being the wettest year on record, there have still been a few relatively ‘dry’ days. Though when I saw ‘dry’ days, I mean the absence of heavy rain. There is still water everywhere. Mist in the […]

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How Much Fitness is Lost from Winter Break?

Readers Question: Due to ice and work, I went three weeks without cycling and I seem to have slowed considerably in this time. I just got home and found that I was four minutes slower over a one-hour ride (very hilly). Maybe I could have gone slightly quicker, but this still seems a lot. In […]

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Reasons to go out cycling in winter

This morning, I was nursing a rather painful saddle sore. The consequence of either a cheap saddle on my winter training bike or the many hours I’ve spent on the bike in the past seven days. Since it was also very cold first thing, I had two very good reasons not to go out cycling. […]

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Dilemma’s of Winter Cycling

One of the great dilemmas of winter cycling – when to stop riding your summer bike. On a long ride, you prefer having your fastest, lightest road bike. So as long as possible, I try riding my summer racing bike. The problem is that: It’s painful to see your best bike terribly splattered with mud. […]

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Winter Cycling Clothes

Recently a reader asked for any tips on good value winter cycle clothing. Over the years I’ve tested and used a huge variety of winter clothes. These are some of the best options for staying relatively dry and warm in winter, without breaking the bank. I’ve never been inspired to spend a lot on winter […]

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Winter Training Bikes

A winter training bike is a great luxury to have. You can ride it into the ground and not worry (too much) about your expensive groupset rusting away on salty roads. If things go well, you might spend many hours on your winter training bike, getting in all those winter miles. Make sure it is […]

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