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Science of Cold Weather Cycling

Last Sunday, I managed one and half hours in a temperature of 2 degrees. I promised myself, that any temperature less than 2 degrees was officially too cold for outdoor riding. The weather forecast for the next seven days means I’m either going to do no cycling or will become very well acquainted with my […]

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Reasons to go out cycling in winter

This morning, I was nursing a rather painful saddle sore. The consequence of either a cheap saddle on my winter training bike or the many hours I’ve spent on the bike in the past seven days. Since it was also very cold first thing, I had two very good reasons not to go out cycling. […]

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Dilemma’s of Winter Cycling

One of the great dilemmas of winter cycling – when to stop riding your summer bike. On a long ride, you prefer having your fastest, lightest road bike. So as long as possible, I try riding my summer racing bike. The problem is that: It’s painful to see your best bike terribly splattered with mud. […]

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Cycling Accessories for Winter

    Hot Pads These are an excellent accessory. For me they are a necessity to get through winter. I buy a pack of 40 in October. When temperature is cold, I open a pack and put the hot pad in between 2 layers of socks. The heat generated keeps feet nice and warm! If […]

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Tips for Turbo Training

Training on a turbo is one of those aspects of cycling that can really test our determination and enthusiasm. No-one took up cycling so they could spend hours pedalling in a static position – getting very bored and hot at the same time! Yet, on a wet / icey day, even the turbo can seem […]

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Freedom to Cycle

For the last couple of months I was racing. It was either one hour recovery rides or very hard hill intervals – with nothing really in between. I didn’t go out on long rides because I was always thinking about the next race. There wasn’t so much time to ‘enjoy’ the bike. The end of […]

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Best Winter Cycling Gear

1. Reflective clothing. Even during the day, light levels can be quite low. Motorists can easily miss cyclists who are dressed in dark clothes. Reflective clothing can make as much difference as lights. There are many options for purchasing reflective clothing. Usually, it is quite light weight. Also, don’t just buy a reflective top. Reflective […]

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Off Season Training

Off Season Training

To make a much repeated observation around these parts – it’s cold, and with many layers of snow. On Monday morning it reached – 17 degrees in Oxford. After spending a week off the bike, apart from one short perfunctory training session on the turbo, I felt slightly concerned about my lack of training. In […]

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Sit Up and Beg Bikes (Photos)

Sit Up and Beg Bikes (Photos)

Sit up and begs are very popular in Europe, and increasingly popular over here. They give a very different feel to a more sporty bike. This looks a classic Dutch style frame, in a rather nifty blue and gold style sit up and beg. Almost looks like you’re standing with this set up. Winter has […]

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Cycling in The Cold (or Not Cycling in the Cold)

Cycling in The Cold (or Not Cycling in the Cold)

Cold weather gives a chance to see the variety of winter hats worn by cyclists. My last post was over last week. It was entitled ‘Grey Weather‘. Well this post could be titled ‘white weather’. Actually Oxford has escaped the worst of the snow but it is still very cold. So I’m not doing much […]

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Getting the Miles In

It’s the end of December and it’s getting pretty close to the shortest day of the year. Actually it’s still about 4 weeks a way, but, it feels pretty grim even down south here in Oxford. Sometimes I finish work at 3pm, but, it’s already starting to get dark. Cycling is taking a bit of […]

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