Cycling Across Water – Yvon le Caer

Cycling across the Channel

Cycling across the Channel

An interesting site by Yvon Le Caer. In his earlier days Yvon Le Caer raced on the continent as a pro. Later he retired to America and took up the challenge of cycling on water. One challenge he successfully completed was to cycle across the English Channel from Cherbourg To Poole (75 miles as crow flies, 92miles in event. The crossing took 16 hours 42 minutes.

It’s certainly a great achievement. I can’t say I’ve heard of many who have cycled across the English channel. As well as the athletic challenge there are also the great logistical challenges – not least avoiding one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. His attempt gained him entry into the Guinness World Record book.

Yvon racing in Europe

Yvon racing in Europe

Yvon Le Caer biography

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  1. William boes May 28, 2011 at 5:40 am #

    On Aug 13th 2011 I will be pedaling my Nauticraft, Escapade(12.2ft pedal craft) from Bimini, Bahamas to Miami, Florida.Please feel free to contact me directly with any serious suggestions or comments regarding this trip.I’m a rather new HPV enthusiast and I can use all the assistance I can muster.Regards to all who walk,pedal,run and push there way through life.

  2. Katheen July 17, 2009 at 2:40 pm #

    Great Post… Great Story… Great Athlete! What this man, Yvon Le Caer, did is truly awesome… and his website such a wonderful source of inspiration. One of CYCLING INFO BEST POSTS EVER! I Loved it.

  3. Svenno July 14, 2009 at 12:26 pm #


    Although I am no expert in HPV (Human Powered vehicles) issues and general cycling matters as well, I always try however to keep me posted about the latest developments in said fields and also, like in this case, human stories which sometimes go with it.

    That said, and just when I thought I had heard and seen it all about Human Powered Watercraft (HPW), I must say that I got fascinated by the Yvon Le Caer’s story which I also found here on To think that all this took place almost 30 years ago is truly amazing… and very informative too within the above context (HPW) and the technological evolution in this field as well.

    Wish to really weigh Yvon’s performance across the Western English Channel (not the narrower Dover Strait) in 1985? Yes? So, as I did, just consider what follows, and do the math:

    - September 1985 – By all accounts, Yvon Le Caer rides 92 miles (148 km) at sea, from Cherbourg in France to Poole in Britain, in a time of 16 hours, 42 minutes and 50 seconds.

    - Fifteen (15) years later, in September of 2000, John Howard (4-time US National road cycling champion & 1981 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon winner) in breaking the World IHPVA-HPB 24-Hour Speed Record, goes a distance of 104.66 miles (168.43 km) in 24 hours, on a lake course in Wisconsin. To the best of my knowledge, John held said record until September 2008.

    Needless to say more, isn’t it? With this result at hand, I guess you’ve got it all (sort of) about this incredible pioneer Yvon Le Caer and Aquacycle, his sleek watercraft, as well. As far as I am concerned, and with all due respect to others, my heart goes to… Yvon.

    Thanks; great post!


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