Abandoned Bicycles

Oxford has a high rate of cycling, but, it must have one of the highest rates of abandoned bikes in the country. I guess, in Oxford, there are many temporary students who lock a bike and then go back home. I think there is even a Flickr group dedicated to the abandoned bicycles of Oxford. (though t’internet and time wasting do spring to mind)

The bike at the top has been tagged as an abandoned bike. The council were very conservative in giving these tags, as many other bikes were obviously abandoned nearby.

A well stripped bike. Some thief must have been well equipped with tools.

Abandon a bike for a short space of time, and bits soon start going missing. Either that or someone has an incredibly uncomfortable choice of saddle.

seen better days

Abandoned bikes are a problem, because, like in many city centres, there is a real shortage of bike parking spots. The best locations tend to be filled with the same abandoned bikes everyday. This is a problem, because if the racks are full, you are tempted to leave bikes in any position.

A sea of bikes, but how many are actually used?

Recycling Abandoned bikes

The Oxford Cycle Workshop is very good at recycling abandoned bikes. They take a lot of abandoned bikes and use various parts to put them back on the street. I once gave them a lightweight Steve Goff Steel Time trial frame. So someone in Oxford, could well be commuting back and forth on a super aero, lightweight frame.


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