Time for the half-time oranges with stato

It’s the first of March and it’s the time for the half-time oranges after the winter’s training mile period is officially over. The dull plodding of long winter miles is over, replaced with the oncoming balmy sunny weather and fast races run at temperatures approaching 30 degrees (we hope). Despite the welcome approach of the Spring classics and future sunny weather, the memories of potholes and cow dung on freezing Yorkshire roads will live long in the memory (see: the end of the world, Yorkshire style). It was one of the best winter cycling years on records. I really enjoyed the cycling in Nov, Dec and Jan. Only a pesky knee has held me back a little. I wonder whether I will ever match the monthly¬† mileage totals later in the year – probably not.

These days you can’t get to half-time without stato coming out with a suitably comprehensive array of insignificant graphs, meaningless stats and virtual prizes for those with the highest % of the possession. (how did Scotland beat Ireland with only 20% possession?)

The 7000 km goal was always a temporary whim, which I never took very seriously. The surprising thing was how long, my actual training miles (red line) fitted the target.


The 7,000km target fell away in Feb. But, as the saying goes, you would have happily taken the 6,000 km before the winter began.

I’m actually surprised by how many km I’ve done in Feb. It’s felt like I’ve been on the couch doing nothing at all. But, despite having to do a few u-turns and dns, I still managed 400 miles for February, more than enough to keep ticking over. That’s one of the benefits of doing 150 miles a month from just commuting into town, there’s always a bare minimum there.

Winter kilometres km


In another incarnation, I may have the opposite metabolism and become the kind of person who puts on weight merely by looking at food. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine. But, since it’s also half time in his weight loss target, I’ll give just a little encouragement for my good friend ‘pudding boy‘ who is on track with his weight loss target. Personally, I think cycling 400km a week is easier than losing 20kg, but what do I know about weight loss?

At this rate, we’ll have puddingboy ready for the hill climb season in October. We’ll start him off on the nice and gentle Cat ‘n Fiddle and then progress to the Rake.

Good luck if you have any targets for the rest of the season!

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