Recovering From A Long Ride


A slow recovery ride

After a 50 mile TT on Saturday my legs have felt heavy this week. Usually after a long ride I like to go out the next day to spin the legs. Light exercise is one of the best ways to aid recovery and avoid getting too stiff. Because I was staying near the Yorkshire Dales with my parents I ended up riding 40 miles to Burnsall and Grassington. It was more of a tourist ride than a training ride, averaging 17mph and taking time to take a few photos e.t.c. After racing yourself into the ground it’s nice to ride a bike just for the sake of enjoying it. 40 miles is quite a long recovery ride. But, just going out for an hour can help.

View from Wharfe Valley

A short ride is particularly helpful if you have been racing and have accumulated lactic acid in the legs. A steady ride can help to get rid of the lactic acid. But, even if you have just ridden a long ride, a short ride the next day can help.

Post Ride Recovery Drinks

During a long ride,  you may have become dehydrated and depleted your carbohydrate stores. You may not feel like eating and drinking but your body may need it. In this case recovery drinks can definitely aid recovery. Typically, they have a mixture of protein and carbohydrate. Most people think about food and drink before a ride, but, neglect proper rehydration and nutrition after a ride. But, this time period is important for helping the muscles to recover. We should always think we are eating for the next day. The problem with recovery drinks is that they may not taste too good and it can be a hassle to mix the powder and drink. But, to aid the fastest recovery they will help. It is also good to just eat sensibly. After a long ride, I often start eating easy to digest fruit like melon, apple. If it has been very hot and sweaty, I will make sure I take something salty.

Recovery Drinks at Evans Cycles

Stretching and Recovery.

After a long ride and tired muscles, stretching seems the natural thing to do and try and relieve the tired muscles. Stretching exercises

Massage and Recovery.

Massage is very effective for aiding recovery. Every professional team will have a professional masseur. See if you can persuade a close friend / partner to learn the art of massage.

Principles of training – stress and recovery

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