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Economics and Cycling

I’m both an economist and a cyclist. I don’t think there is much correlation. I rarely see an economist who is a cyclist or a cyclist who is an economist. The great Fausto Coppi was asked by a young cyclist for some advice on how to become a great cyclist. The response of Fausto Coppi […]

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Bad Cyclists and Bad Motorists – Which Are Worse?

When a motorists breaks the speed limit and causes a severe accident, I never hear people come up to me and say “you motorists are so irresponsible putting people’s lives at risk” Yet, other people will frequently say to be: “You cyclists, are so irresponsible cycling through red lights.” The fact is there are responsible […]

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How Dangerous is Cycling at Night?

I came across this thought provoking post at Commute by Bike. – Dangers of Cycling at Night At the moment, in the UK, it starts to get darks from 3.30pm. Most of the time I am commuting in what could be termed ‘night’ or at least reduced visibility. There are a couple of reports which […]

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7 Reasons to Go Cycling in Mid Winter

Enjoyment Once you start cycling, you will enjoy it. The problem is that it is easy to think of excuses not to get started. Weight. Christmas is unfortunately an easy time to pile on the weight. More food + less exercise = Increasing weight. When the racing season comes it may not be so easy […]

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T-Mobile to End Cycling Sponsorship

It was no great surprise as T Mobile had been threatening it for a few week, but, Today, T Mobile announced they were cutting there involvement in professional cycling. “We arrived at this decision to separate our brand from further exposure from doping in sport and cycling specifically.” T Mobile has been involved in professional […]

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Top 10 Modern Cycling Inventions

1. Dérailleur gears. We will never know how the intrepid Tour de France pioneers climbed the col D’ Tourmalet and L’Alpe d’Huez on single speed bikes (admittedly they could turn the wheel around for a second choice). Derailleur gears have made the life of modern cyclists so much easier and more enjoyable (especially if spend […]

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Correct Saddle Height

It is important to get the correct saddle height, otherwise you will be more prone to injury. Also your cycling will be less efficient. When making adjustments to the saddle position it is best to make small adjustments at a time. When you have found the correct saddle height and you are happy with it, […]

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Stupid Things People Say about Cyclists

Any cyclist will, at some stage, have suffered being labelled pejoratively as one of ‘those irresponsible lycra lights’ Why is it assumed by many, that somehow people who ride bikes are one uniform group. If one cyclists behaves irresponsibly why is it assumed all people who ride bikes must behave the same? Yet, if a […]

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