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Results from hill climb Championships at CTT Blog from hill climb

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Cat & Fiddle hill climb 2013

The Cat & Fiddle is on the of the longest climbs in England. It averages 3% over 10 km, including some sections of downhill. Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb Distance: 6.6 miles Height Gain: 335 metres Average Gradient: 3.2% Max Gradient: 8% Maximum altitude: 520 metres CR: 18.14 (2013) – 22mph) Last year I did […]

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Long Hill 2013

In the past few years I’ve become a bit of a regular at Buxton CC’s Long Hill climb. I like the atmosphere, and in a way I like the climb. Despite racing the hill 4 times, I’ve never been able to match my time from 2010 when I set a course record of 12.26. It […]

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Training – Don’t forget to enjoy it

At the race on Sunday, a young hill climber asked for some advice on training for hill climbs. I just about managed to blurt out ‘you could try some intervals’ I was probably more concerned with deciding how many home made scones and jam I wanted to eat – my mind seemed to go blank […]

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Snake Pass 2013

Coming back from two weeks in America, I wondered whether my diet of donuts, American diners and triple Chocolate Chip cookies might have caused me to put on any weight. But, fortunately, my bathroom scales seemed completely unmoved by two weeks of American food. It’s a funny thing America. Most days I cycled to the […]

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19.02 for a 10

Saturday was the Bridlington CC 10 mile TT on the V718. The V718 is probably one of fastest courses in the UK. With a good bit of form at the moment, I was hoping to get a ’18′. Last year I did a 19.07. Last time I raced, I went wrong on the course. This […]

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12 and 1/2 reasons to enter a hill climb

It’s nearly the time of the year, when the hill climb whippets start getting excited as there are finally some races which just go up and up. All cyclists have a love-hate relationship with hills. It means pain and suffering, but there is also something ‘deeply’ satisfying (or should I say¬† strangely satisfying) about challenging […]

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Cycling in hills of Lake District

Once a year I like to try and go to cycle around the hills of the Lake District. Recently, I was up in Keswick for the national 100 mile time trial championship, but it’s not the same going up and down a flat A road. For me the Lakes mean Wrynose pass, Kirkstone pass and […]

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After a rare weekend off racing last week, this Saturday was a 50 mile TT on the A50/6 Etwall course. I’d never done this course before, but it has a reputation for being fast. Before riding a course, I like to buy an OS Map of the area and try and memorise the route (I […]

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My moment of fame slips away

After last weekends 100 mile TT, it was back down to more familiar territory this weekend – a 10 and a 25. This week saw little training. A nice easy week, motivated by a combination of Tiredness after national 100 Tour de France in the third week on TV After two big national events, it […]

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Park Rash and Malham Cove

I’ve a few long, flat time trials coming up, including the YCF 50 and National 100. The sensible thing would be to get out the time trial bike, and get some fast miles in. But, I’m in Yorkshire and every evening I can’t resist opening the OS Map of Wensleydale and Upper Wharfedale and start […]

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