Waterproof Cycling Trousers


You don't have to suffer in the rain

For quite a few years of cycle commuting I never really used waterproof trousers. I would kind of get wet, curse the weather and take a spare pair of trousers.

My first pair of waterproof cycling trousers were pretty useless and this must have been what put me off (they did only cost £15 from somewhere like Sports Direct – so I guess you get what you pay for). My solution, was to keep a spare pair of trousers at work and change into them when I got deluged.

However, a couple of years ago I got a decent pair of waterproof trousers and they do really transform your commute. I love the feeling of being able to commute whatever the weather.

The only drawback was that I bought a size too small (too short) so they left a gap between the trouser and sock.

Therefore I also bought a pair of garters to keep the gap between shoes and trousers dry. It’s also a good way of keeping your trousers tucked in and away from your chain. The other simple tip is to use plastic bags within your shoes, to keep all your socks dry. If you use this triple combination, you can keep yourself pretty much dry (even if it does take about 15 minutes to get ready…)

The other trick, I was told by the shop, is to wash the waterproof trousers with a special wax – this helps to keep the waterproof quality for longer.


Endura Humvee Trousers – Long Term Review

endura hummveeThe Endura Humvee trousers are a lightweight and breathable trouser. I have used some for two years and have been pleased with their performance. For a 30 minute commute, they basically keep your legs dry, even in heavy rain. After a while, you do start to feel a slight dampness on the thighs where the rain slowly seeps through. However, they are really excellent at their breathability; even in warm weather you can wear these without getting hot and sweaty. I’d rather have the 5% seepage through rain,  rather than getting wet from sweat underneath.

If you are a 34″ length go for the XL

Endura Humvee trousers at Evans – £44.99

If you are looking for a top of the range waterproof trousers for more serious water protection, you might consider the Altura X attack  – at £96 I can’t say I will be testing them myself. I find that a cheaper type of waterproof trousers do what I need.

BTW: I never wear waterproof cycling trousers when doing training. Either I don’t go out if its raining hard – or your legs just get wet. But, when you’re training it doesn’t matter. Lycra tights will dry pretty quick. You just need the waterproof trousers when you need to go into town or to the office.




8 Responses to Waterproof Cycling Trousers

  1. Sian July 8, 2012 at 5:51 am #

    … but does anyone know where I can get some funky yet durable waterproof overtrousers for adults? Jackets – yes, hi-vis – yes, kids’ sizes – yes, but if you’re a ‘grown up’ who doesn’t wish to be confined to navy, black, etc, nobody seems to care… *sigh*

    • tejvan July 10, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      Unfortunately not. A friend got some bright yellow fisherman’s trousers, but those were pure rubber and not breathable!

  2. Mammoth Workwear January 20, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    There is a huge range of waterproof breathable trousers at the above site prices start from abot £10.

    I recently bought the folex trousers, very happy with them.

  3. david williams February 20, 2008 at 9:31 am #

    great tip – thanks
    i wasnt sure if i would require over trousers for cycling in but i will leave it now.
    another idea is to use old pairs of socks over your work shoes to keep them clean. you can then dry them out for the next occaision. I have been bike commuting for around 20 years – the chance of getting wet (in the UK) are around 1 in 10. i will now look for some garters!


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