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An attempt to slow down traffic in Oxford

Jack Straw lane is a narrow road, just big enough for two cars to squeeze past. It also provides a short cut from the city centre to the J.R. Radcliffe Hospital. Because traffic in Headington is often very congested, this minor road provides a convenient short cut, and is popular with taxis and other drivers. […]

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Photos of Cycle Commuters

Cycling news has been overshadowed this week by two crashes to famous cyclists – first Bradley Wiggins knocked over by a van, then Shane Sutton in an accident on the A6. I can’t think of much to add apart from I hope cyclists get better, and I hope people become inspired to take more care […]

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Waterproof Cycling Trousers

For quite a few years of cycle commuting I never really used waterproof trousers. I would kind of get wet, curse the weather and take a spare pair of trousers. My first pair of waterproof cycling trousers were pretty useless and this must have been what put me off (they did only cost £15 from […]

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Turning Right on Bike

A short video of people cycling to work in Oxford. Here at Magdalen Bridge one wide lane splits into two. Often cyclists need to move out into outer lane to turn right. This is potentially a dangerous manoeuvre because you have to move across in front of faster moving traffic.

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