Photos of Bradley Wiggins

Some photos of Bradley Wiggins from the Tour de France and other races.

2012 Tour De France

Bradley Wiggins
Photo by: Petit Brun

Bradley Wiggins in Yellow

Photo by: Photo by: Petit Brun

Close up of Wiggins in Yellow. Froome in front. Looks like Nibali on his wheel. A classic mountain stage situation.

photo by Kriblack

- Love the guy in the background with goatee beard a cheeky smile. It’s as if he isn’t supposed to be there. Wiggins looks his usual stoically self.

Wiggins Time Trials

Photo by: flottenheimer

Wiggins in 2011 World Championship on Pinarello Graal Time trial bike

Photo by: sportpixonline

Wiggins in Time trial

Bradley Wiggins 2010
Photo by: bestkevine

Bradley Wiggins tine trial from 2010.

Photo by: jamm2

Bradley Wiggins 2010 British Time Trial Championships, photo Tejvan.

Close up of Bradley’s Time Trial Helmet.

Photos chosen for Creative Commons License. (non-commercial, attribution)



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