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Cycling helps relieve stress

I recently updated a post 10 reasons to take up cycling. One of those reasons was Cycling can help relieve stress. I don’t have a scientific study to back up this claim. But, cycling can be an excellent way to relieve some stress. Any exercise can help to clear out the cobwebs in the mind […]

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Some cycling photos from Oxford

This is a nice wide road (St Giles), where cyclists can get away with cycling two abreast. The joy of seeing cyclists two abreast! The Eagle and Child in the background was a haunt of J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien was a keen cyclist and would always cycle into town. For a short time, he owned a […]

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Waiting at the lights in cold

Waiting at the traffic lights. Quite a few patient cyclists waiting for the lights to change. looking up waiting for light to change. Waiting at the roundabout. Traffic lights were invented by William L Potts, of Detroit, Michigan, who was a police officer. He based it on lights for trains. Traffic lights were used to […]

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Training in Richmond Park

Just last week, I was boasting about how mild the weather was – so it was only fitting I would spend all week, training indoors on the rollers. The temperature was pretty close to zero all week, so rather than risk the ice, I set up a little ipod player and pedalled away in the […]

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Cycling in the Bus Lane – (Photos)

I love bus lanes. They are a great place to cycle. It’s just about the only time you get a really solid gap between you and cars. Also the bus lane is so narrow buses can’t come past. It’s strange but bus lanes are usually much better than cycle lanes. And as this picture shows […]

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Archive black and white cycling photos

A selection of classic black and white cycling photos from collections which are in the public domain. I found many of these searching Flickr Commons. Cycling up the Col d’Aubisque – Back in the days before the invention of tarmac. Sheep Shearer on the move Which way to school? A Wheely good way to become […]

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Photos of Cycle Commuters

Cycling news has been overshadowed this week by two crashes to famous cyclists – first Bradley Wiggins knocked over by a van, then Shane Sutton in an accident on the A6. I can’t think of much to add apart from I hope cyclists get better, and I hope people become inspired to take more care […]

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taking the lane

Cyclists, Extras, Violinist and how not to overtake a cyclist

Extras waiting to take part in a film set. The thing with Oxford is that nearly every British film, tv series seems to want to take some shots in the famous city. There have been so many murders in Inspector Morse, you must wonder if there’s any academics left…. I remember once watching a film […]

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Photos from York Cycle Festival

Family cycling along river. Nice garden for cycling. If only all cycle paths were like this. Cycling by fountainGetting up to speed. And he’s up in the air   Don’t look now mum. Landing mountain bikes jumping. bike by pond. Mini race track very civilized. no parking – orange time trial bikes excepted. Two bikes. […]

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Cycling in Oxford Photos

Mum’s taxi by Sheldonian Theatre Cycling rush hour, over Magdalen Bridge in May.   High Street Magdalen Bridge on High Street. Busy Crossing by Kings Arms Magdalen College and High Street. No argument, the best way to travel to school.  

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Photos of Bradley Wiggins

Some photos of Bradley Wiggins from the Tour de France and other races. 2012 Tour De France Photo by: Petit Brun Bradley Wiggins in Yellow Photo by: Photo by: Petit Brun Close up of Wiggins in Yellow. Froome in front. Looks like Nibali on his wheel. A classic mountain stage situation. photo by Kriblack – […]

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