Waiting at the lights in cold


Waiting at the traffic lights. Quite a few patient cyclists waiting for the lights to change.

Waiting at Lights

Shiny New Baskets from a local bike Hire shop
looking up waiting for light to change.
Cycling Oxford

Waiting at the roundabout.

Traffic lights were invented by William L Potts, of Detroit, Michigan, who was a police officer. He based it on lights for trains. Traffic lights were used to try and deal with the ever increasing number of cars on the road and the congestion that they were creating. The first traffic light was installed in Detroit in 1920. Within a year Detroit had installed 15 traffic lights and his invention soon took off around the world.
Getting a Head Start
Take it easy.


Some go straight on, some turn right.



A little bit of  spring


Some wrapped up well, some playing it cool.



Time to chat behind big van.2013-3-6


On your marks, gets set. Go.


Vesalius and William Morris as background.


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  1. Tim April 3, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    Nice photos.

    Traffic lights do provide pedestrians with an opportunity to cross, but the way they are implemented buys into the idea that by default cars (or motor vehicles) always have the priority, mainly just because they are bigger and more dangerous and would win in a fight. Pedestrians have to press a button and then wait humbly for their turn.

    Contrast with the zebra crossing where the pedestrian has priority, and the drivers have to look out and wait, because they no longer have priority. Far more civilised (assuming drivers actually stop when they should, which doesn’t always happen).

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