Some cycling photos from Oxford


This is a nice wide road (St Giles), where cyclists can get away with cycling two abreast. The joy of seeing cyclists two abreast!

The Eagle and Child in the background was a haunt of J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien was a keen cyclist and would always cycle into town. For a short time, he owned a car, but after the war ditched it; Tolkien was very concerned at how the Oxfordshire countryside was being spoilt by new roads and the rise of the motorcar (and that was in the 1950s, I don’t know what Tokien would make of it now.)


Ragamala and Mary Shelley, and a cyclist.


On your marks, get set. Go!IMG_9182

A pair of students and a pair of cyclists.


Busy interchange.IMG_9191-640

A little Brompton and a big jacket.IMG_9195

Off to exam with pink

turning right.yellow-bike

Nice yellow bike, not sure about the Lime green rims, but each to his own.


Room for two.v-is-for

Walking along the pavement.


Blue bike under pinkish tree.


It’s not always idyllic. Signalling in the rain.

bag-shoulder-ecBag over shoulder.


50 cycling photos in Oxford

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